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    "DOS" stands for Disc Operating System. It is completely command-line oriented; that is, one may run the system exclusively via key commands. Although many graphic desktops are available, one is never forced to use any because every operation may be accomplished right at the command line.

    The latest versions of DOS are very powerful and can be asked to do or automate just about any computer task. If you want to free yourself from the drudgery of desk-rodent point & clicking, huge bloatware programs like Windoze which consume more resources than are available in your home town, and wish to be relieved of the general nuisance & tedium of Graphic User Interfaces, upgrade to DOS!

The Command Line is King!

Doctor DOS Betamax   

Updates to this DOS site
As of March 25th, 2016.

In the Beginning was the Command Line
By Neal Stephenson.

Why the Command Line is More User-Friendly than the Desktop
By Penquin Pete
A Linux website, but the Command Line
Ideas apply to DOS, as well.




This is Your Brain on Windows:

(Image: Eggs Frying)

Restore Your Thinking with These:

Whip Up a Batch of...

DOS Batch Files
Basics, Tips, and Samples

Learn how to write simple batch files
to automate operations, and to take
the tedium out of command-line typing.

Character Study

DOS Characters
A Dialogue

Know Your DOS Symbols and
Their Uses. Over Forty
are Presented here.

See the Errorlevel
of Your Ways

DOS Exit Codes
A Discussion

Have your Batch Files make
Intelligent decisions.

A Falsehood
of Being

DOS Fallacies
Dispel Common DOS Myths

The next time a computer salesperson
tries to sell you some GUI system,
use these for ammunition.

Extend a Helping Hand

DOS File Extensions
A Guide

Learn the meaning of those
cryptic file name extensions.

Become a Switch Hitter

DOS Switches
Command Modifiers

See how to alter DOS and program
commands to suit your purposes.

Command Performance

DOS Tips
Hints and Suggestions

Five Dozen tips to improve your
usage of DOS and to speed
the computer's operations.

Variations on a Theme

DOS Variables
The Basics

A rudimentary discussion of DOS
replaceable characters and strings.

Books and Magazines

    Displayed within are over one hundred and twenty-five categorised books and magazines for the newbie, intermediate and advanced user of DOS and its related applications and utilities.

DOS Publications


    Includes the Ten Commandments of DOS, the TUI versus GUI, Undocumented DOS Error Messages, Key DOS Phrases, Windoze Put-Downs, Operating System Airlines, etc.

The DOS Humour Page

Links to Other Sites

    Hundreds of links are provided to DOS Programs, Command Updates and Replacements, and Drivers for New Hardware. There are sites for DOS Versions of Modern Software, Games, Media Players, Graphic & Text Internet Browsers, and much more. Additional sites have Tips and Tutorials for Novice and Power Users, Command Summaries, Error Message Directories, DOS History, and Links Listings.

DOS Websites

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