"Ocean View Cottage"

Northport N.S.




"Picture Directions" showing the road signs from Halifax / Truro to the
"Ocean View Cottage
" in Northport N.S.

When leaving Halifax head towards Truro then Amherst on the Trans-Canada Highway
Pass by Truro on the highway and head towards Amherst
At this point follow the signs below to the
"Ocean View Cottage" in Northport Nova Scotia
Just after passing the Masstown exit you will take exit 11 on your way to the cottage...

After passing Truro head towards Amherst & Pugwash on the Trans Canada Highway this is the first exit you take leading to the cottage


This is the actual exit
Heading towards Pugwash



Turn Left here and keep following the signs
heading towards Pugwash


After passing through the Wentworth Valley, then passing the ski hill which will be on your right, and through a small village,
be watching for this turn to the right
heading towards Pugwash
This is the Fountain Rd. 

There will be an ice-cream truck on the left of this corner



Part way through the Fountain Rd. you will see this sign, turn left

Heading towards Pugwash


After traveling over this short section of rd. and over the bridge turn right at this intersection 
Heading towards Pugwash


At the end of this road turn left on highway No. 6 West
Heading towards Pugwash


After passing through Pugwash, head towards Amherst
but keep watching for this turn to the right leading to Northport
Please note! Go past the Northport Picnic Park and into the Northport Fishing Village which is about 3 or 4 miles further down the road! You will cross a bridge over the Shinimicas river in the Northport Fishing Village and about a 100 yards from there,
You Are Here!
On your right, you will see "Pipe's Beach lane"
You will see the lane with all of the cottager's names on the telephone pole...


You Are Here!!
This is the cottage road entrance "Pipes Beach Lane"

There is a green Northport Elementary school on your left further up the road.. If you see this then you've gone pass "Pipe's Beach Lane"...
Heading this way...
The ocean and the cottage lane is on your right at this point
turn right
directly across from the "Mud Creek" road sign
turn towards the ocean, 
this is "Pipe's Beach Lane" the cottage is number 138

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"Ocean View Cottage"