Molly Oliver History

In the fall of 1974 on the final tour with Everyday People, Bruce Wheaton decided to move to Halifax Nova Scotia and continue his musical career based from the Maritimes. Bruce, Carson Richards, and Brian Fraser (keyboard player with Everyday People in it's final days) were intending on carrying on with a new band. Bruce spent some time looking around Halifax and talking to musicians from the area... getting some ideas on what direction to go. Bruce ran into Bob Quinn at that time, they got together for a talk and decided to form a band. Bob and Tim Garagan were in the same situation (finishing with Pepper Tree and looking for a new project to get into.) Bruce informed Brian Fraser of his plans with Bob and Brian moved back to Toronto. Then  Bruce, Bob, Tim & Carson began practicing at a cottage in Duncan's Cove, and the new band began. This rendition of the band was mainly for fun and to make some money  and play some of their favorite cover tunes. One day when the band was practicing the band had to decide on a name. Many names were thrown around at the time.... laughable names like Everyday Tree, Pepper People and some others that don't come to mind. Tim Garagan came up with the name Molly Oliver... we all agreed that it was a neat name and decided to use it. It actually was the name of two dogs that lived around Duncan's Cove at the time. The band informed booking agent Skip Yorke about the name....  he did some research with friend 'George Brothers' and came back with 'The Legend Of Molly Oliver' story. This version of 'Molly Oliver' lasted for a year, as Tim Garagan would leave to start a solo career and Bob Quinn left to go to the 'Berklee School Of Music'.... So that folks is the honest story of how 'Molly Oliver' got its name, where the legend came from and how it began. 
Bruce Wheaton Guitar & Vocals

Tim Garagan Drums & Vocals

Bob Quinn Keyboards & Vocal

Carson Richards Bass


In 1975 after Bob & Tim left the band to pursue their interests...
Bruce wanted to
get back to working on his original music
that he had been writing for sometime and to get back into the recording studio...

Bruce with the line up of Carson Richards who was still on board... contacted his old friend  
(Drummer) Dutch Schultz and asked him to come join the band..... 
Along with Mike Leggatt (Keyboards & vocals)  whose talent he admired since coming to Halifax... and 
Tony Quinn (Guitar & Vocals)  who's talent he also had great respect for... started the new 'Molly Oliver'
with this new lineup the band changed direction and started getting into more original music
with the hope of recording and releasing records..

With this lineup in place the band began to work on original material and start recording.
  'Molly Oliver' released it's first single in 1976 on Big Harold's Records
B-side 'Rainbow Woman' written by Tony Quinn
A-side 'Straight In My Head' written by Bruce Wheaton




In the fall of 1976 Bruce acquired Larry Maillet on rhythm guitar & vocals.  This version of the  band was the hardest working unit of all, recording almost all  of the Molly Oliver material  that is available today.  The band recorded the Molly Oliver album that was first released on 'London Records Canada' and is now available
on the compilation CD of all Molly Oliver material called 'In The Studio'....

Pictured from the top
Dutch (Ken) Schultz - Drums
Left: Larry Maillet - Guitar Harp & Vocals
Right: Mike Leggat - Keyboards & Vocals
Bottom Left: Carson Richards - Bass Guitar
Bottom Right:
Bruce Wheaton - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Molly Oliver releases their first single in 1976 on
"Big Harold's Records" a label started by their manager at the time, Harold "Skip" Yorke...
(A) side "Straight In My Head"
written by Bruce Wheaton
(B) side "Rainbow Woman"
written by Tony Quinn

Molly Oliver members at the time of this initial release of "Straight In My Head" were....
Bruce Wheaton - lead guitar & lead vocal
Tony Quinn - rhythm guitar & vocal
Michael Leggat - Keyboards & vocal
Ken "Dutch" Schultz - Drums
Carson Richards - Bass

After Tony Quinn left the band... Larry Maillet re-recorded
Tony's guitar and vocals for future release
This recording features
Larry Maillet on rhythm guitar & vocals...

Watch the slide show (above) and listen to
"Straight In My Head"
written by Bruce Wheaton
Molly Oliver's 1st release

MoMike Leggat performing with Molly Oliver at Dalhousie University in 1975
Bruce Wheaton and Larry Maillet started performing together in 1976 with Molly Oliver and played together until 1986 when Larry left the band and decided to  perform as a soloist. In 1999 they reunited again in Molly Oliver and have been playing together again for special shows ever since 
Mike Leggat was a member of  Molly Oliver from 1975 to 1983. He played Keyboards and sang vocal harmony on every Molly Oliver recording. Mike continues to be active as a player and teaching music at the Canadian Conservatory of Music in Halifax
Bruce Wheaton, Larry Maillet, and Mike Leggat were all part of the Molly Oliver reunion for the 
Classic Rock Concert at the Halifax Forum Oct. 4th / 2003.
 In 1975 Bruce Wheaton surprised Dutch Schultz with a phone call and told him there was a plane ticket paid for waiting at the air port, and to come join Molly Oliver. Dutch did come play with Molly Oliver from 1975 to 1978. Dutch played on all but 2 songs of the (London Records) Molly Oliver album. 
Carson Richards and BruceWheaton  played together for 10 years. Beginning in 1970 with Everyday People and continuing with Molly Oliver until Carson retired temporarily from the music business in 1980... Carson played bass on all Molly Oliver recordings except Apology and Go Back Home.    
Dutch Schultz and Carson Richards reunited with 'Molly Oliver'
for the 'Classic Rock Concert' at the 

Halifax Forum on Oct. 4th/ 2003  

Ian MacMillan
was with 'Molly Oliver' for a few short months
and played drums on  two songs of the Molly Oliver album
  'Hey There' and 'Greet Your Neighbour'

The original recording band of 'Molly Oliver' reunited for the 'Classic Rock Concert' 
Halifax Forum Oct. 4th / 2003. The above video was a TV promotion for the event.

Molly Oliver recordings have been professionally remastered to CD CD includes 4 extra tracks that the band had recorded

for their second album
( 12 songs total )

Contact Bruce Wheaton to purchase your copy.

Watch the slide show above and listen to 'Hey There'
written by 'Bruce Wheaton' & recorded by 'Molly Oliver'
Originally released on 'London Records Canada'

Watch the slide show above and listen to 'Rock'n Roll Music'
written by 'Bruce Wheaton' & recorded by 'Molly Oliver'
Originally released on 'London Records Canada'

Click on the link above to watch the slide show  & listen to
'Somebody New In My Eyes' written by 'Bruce Wheaton' it was the last
official single release by 'Molly Oliver' on 'London Records Canada'
It was recorded at 'Solar Audio....Dartmouth Nova Scotia'
Mixed & Mastered by 'Bruce Wheaton' & 'Nick Blagona'
'Le Studio....Morin Heights Quebec'
Engineered by 'Harold Tsistinas'
The band members of 'Molly Oliver' on this recording are....
'Bruce Wheaton' lead vocal & lead guitar....
'Larry Maillet' vocal & rhythm guitar....
'Michael Leggat' vocal & vocal & keyboards....
'Carson Richards' on bass guitar....
'Ken 'Dutch' Schultz' on drums....
'Atlantic Symphony String Section'....

Click on the link above to watch the slideshow and hear
'You Didn't Listen To Me' by 'Molly Oliver'

In 1979 'Molly Oliver' released their 1st single on 'London Records Canada'
written & produced by 'Bruce Wheaton' & published by 'Skull & Crossbones Music'
Recorded @ 'Solar Audio' Dartmouth NS & 'Le Studio'  Morin Heights  Quebec
Engineered by 'Harold Tsistinas' & 'Nick Blagona'
The band members of 'Molly Oliver' on this recording are...
'Larry Maillet' lead vocal & rhythm  guitar... 'Bruce Wheaton'  lead guitar  & vocal...
'Michael Leggat' keyboards & vocal... 'Carson Richards' on bass... 'Ken 'Dutch' Schultz' drums...

'Living A Dream' written by Bruce Wheaton
Originally Released on 'London Records Canada' 1979
Musicians on this recording are
Larry Maillet / Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar
Bruce Wheaton / Lead Guitar & Vocal
Michael Leggat / Keyboards & Vocal
Carson Richards / Bass
Ken 'Dutch' Schultz / Drums
Atlantic Symphony String Section
Symphony Arrangements by Paul Mason
Produced By Bruce Wheaton
Mix by Nick Blagona, Andre Perry & Bruce Wheaton
Recording Engineer / Harold Tsistinas
Recorded at "Solar Audio" in Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Mix and overdubs done at "Le Studio" in "Morin Heights Quebec"
Originally Released on "London Records Canada" 1979
Now included on the CD "In The Studio"
The "Molly Oliver" CD is available for purchase  through Bruce Wheaton

""Molly Oliver" performing "Apology"
written by Bruce Wheaton / Skull & Crossbones Music
"Apology was the last single release of the band
And was included on a 4 song EP
Released on "No Name Brand Records"
This video was filmed for the
"IWK Telethon
Halifax Nova Scotia /  1985

Molly Oliver's vocal harmonies are shining bright here
On their version of
'Carry On' a 'Crosby Stills & Nash' song
written by
Stephen Stills
This song was featured (with permission) on the original
Molly Oliver album released on 'London Records Canada'

'Molly Oliver' performing 'Go Back Home' written by 'Bruce Wheaton'
published by 'Skull & Crossbones Music

In the late 80s 'Bruce Wheaton' hired 'Paul Northfield a producer he met
when 'Molly Oliver' was recording @ "Le Studio' in 'Morin Heights Quebec'
Paul came to Halifax to engineer & co produce a 4 song EP for 'Molly Oliver'
Bruce started his own record label called 'No Name Brand Records' and released the Molly Oliver EP...
This video is taken from Molly Oliver's performance on the
IWK Telethon in 1985

Molly Oliver releases "Open Up" written by Bruce Wheaton......
It was originally released on "London Records Canada"
as the flip side of their first single"You Didn't Listen To Me"...
It wasn't included on the original "Molly Oliver" album but it is available now
on the CD called "In The Studio" and is available for puchase from Bruce Wheaton...
The band members on this recording are.......
"Bruce Wheaton" / Lead Vocal & Lead Guitar....
"Larry Maillet" /  Rhythm Guitar & Vocal....
"Michael Leggat" /  Keyboards & Vocal....
"Carson Richards" /  Bass....
"Ken (Dutch) Schultz" / Drums....
Engineer on this recording was "Harold Tsistinas"
The song was recorded at "Solor Audio" in Dartmouth NS
Produced by / Bruce Wheaton
Mix done at "Le Studio" / Morin Heights Quebec by
Bruce Wheaton, Andre Perry & Nick Blagona.....
Email Bruce for details of purchase.....

Watch the slideshow and listen to "Molly Oliver" performing
"So Much More" written by Bruce Wheaton
In the mid 80s "Molly Oliver" was working on material
for their second album for "london Records Canada"....
Here's a live recording  of one of the songs intended for the album....
The song is called "So Much More" written by Bruce Wheaton
This live recording was recorded for live broadcast on
C100 FM in Halifax NS......
The band members playing on this show were.....
"Bruce Wheaton" / Lead guitar & Lead vocal...
"Larry Maillet" / Harp / Vocal & Rhythm guitar....
"Michael Leggat" / Keyboards & Vocal....
Mike Gaudet / Bass....
"Terry Hopkins" / Drums....
Sound Technician for the show was "Harold Tsistinas".....
The show was recorded at "Clancey's" in Dartmouth NS.....

'Molly Oliver' releases 2nd single on
'London Records Canada'
A song called 'Greet Your Neighbor'
written by 'Bruce Wheaton'
'Molly Oliver' band members on this recording are...
'Bruce Wheaton' / Lead guitar & Vocal...
'Larry Maillet' / Rhythm guitar & Vocal...
'Michael Leggat' / Keyboards & Vocal...
'Carson Richards' / Bass...
'Ian MacMillan' / Drums...
'Greet Your Neighbor' was initially released on the...
'Molly Oliver' album, then released later as a single in 1978...
It is now included on the 'Molly Oliver CD' called
'In The Studio' ... which is available from 'Bruce Wheaton'
The bed tracks for the recordings were recorded @
'Solar Audio' in Dartmouth N.S.
Overdubs, mixing & mastering were done by
'Bruce Wheaton' & 'Nick Blagona'
and recorded @
'Le Studio' in Morin Heights Quebec....

The east coast's isolation from the rest of Canada's music scene always played part in its unique sounds. Bruce Wheaton formed "Molly Oliver" in Halifax N.S. in the fall of 1974 after the demise of his band "Everyday People"... the band's origins began in the fall of 1974 after Bruce Wheaton (songwriter, producer, vocalist & guitarist) the driving force behind "Everyday People" decided to move to the East Coast and start anew.... Carson Richards (bassist) & Bruce Wheaton from "Everyday People" hooked up with former members of "Pepper Tree"... Tim Garagan (drums / vocals) and Bob Quinn (keyboards / vocals) to form "Molly Oliver".....

The group's name according to legend was inspired by an 18th century madame named Molly Reed who came to Halifax from England. She married an English sea captain named Charles Oliver and following his death during the War of 1812, she took command of his ship and became a pirate, raiding and looting the Eastern Seaboard. Though it's quite the tale, there's no truth behind it. "Molly" and "Oliver" were actually two dogs that lived near the band's original practice place in Duncan's Cove, outside of Halifax NS.....

This original band got together mainly to make some money and have fun by playing some of their favourite tunes.... but not originally for recording or performing their own original songs...The band played the local circuit  for about a year with this original lineup....When Tim Garagan decided to go out on his own Bruce's friend and drummer Ken (Dutch) Schultz joined the band along with Tony Quinn... formerly of Moon Minglewood and The Universal Power, Tony wasn't related to Bob... Bob Quinn soon left the band and went off to university as he had planned....  Mike Leggat then joined the band and with this lineup Bruce then led the band in the direction of working more on original music and searching for a recording deal ... The band soon released their first single on "Big Harold Records" The (A) side "Straight In My Head" written by Bruce Wheaton  backed by Tony Quinn's "Rainbow Woman"... Shortly after its release Tony Quinn left the band and was replaced by new rhythm guitarist & vocalist Larry Maillet. With this lineup the band seriously got into working on Bruce's original songs and soon signed a recording contract with "London Records" Canada.....

The band got the attention of record execs while continuing along the tour trails and signed a deal with London Records. Their revolving door policy continued while cutting tracks in "Le Studio" in Morin Heights, QB.  Ken "Dutch" Schultz left in the middle of the sessions and was replaced by Ian MacMillan. Their self titled debut hit the shelves in the summer of '78, polished and with a flare, with Bruce Wheaton acting as chief songwriter. "Greet Your Neighbour" was the band's second single and got some airplay across the country, backed with "Living A Dream." Other noteable tracks from the album included the other singles the 1st release was "You Didn't Listen To Me" and "Somebody New In My Eyes," the band's 3rd and last release on 'London Records'.... both singles received considerable play across the country.... the band also recorded a cover of Crosby Still Nash & Young's "Carry On."

But troubles were abrew back at London Records headquarters, and unfortunately for the band the label closed its doors and "Molly Oliver" found themselves without a recording contract.... The band continued on the circuit for a couple of years while searching out a new deal. The revolving door continued to spin, and when they went back to Le Studio in Morin Heights in '81 the lineup was Wheaton, Richards, Shultz, Leggat and Maillet. But before the recordings were done, Dutch Scultz was replaced by Terry Hopkins on drums and Carson Richards had bowed out of the group, replaced by new bassist Bo Hanson. Paul Northfield, whose credentials included the likes of Rush and The Bee Gees was hired to lend a hand to Bruce Wheaton with production on a new recording project... Molly Oliver then came out with a self-released
4 - song "EP".... which was released the following spring. Along with a rehashing of "Greet Your Neighbour," it contained the lead-off track  "Apology" & "Go Back Home" written by Bruce Wheaton...."Apology" was released as a single and received extensive airplay throughout the Maritimes.... The relative success of the song landed them an opening gig for The Beach Boys at the Halifax Metro Centre.... But by then Peter Jackson had replaced Mike Leggat on keyboards, Mike Gaudet was now on Bass and Ben Cassidy was the new drummer.... Ben stayed for a short while and was then replaced by Robert Biggs... Don Rodgers was  now on keyboards, saxophone & vocals.....

This lineup carried on for a year or so.... Then in the last year of "Molly Oliver" Neil Robertson was on drums, Mike Gaudet had left and then Ian MacDougall was the new bassist soon followed shortly by Donnie Morris whom Bruce had played with before in "Stitch In Tyme" & "Soma".... Larry Garden came onboard on keyboards & vocals.... Bruce decided in the fall of 1987 to end "Molly Oliver" and begin his solo career.... In '87 Bruce Wheaton's song "Keep On Giving" a song written for "Famine Relief"for Africa's continuing need for aid debuted when he and 60 other musicians held a benefit show at the "Crazy Horse" in  Dartmouth, NS. The song was recorded and released with all proceeds from the sale of the record and concert went to the Red Cross.

Bruce Wheaton, Molly Oliver's co-founder would start up his own home studio and enjoy a modestly successful solo career. He reuinited with with Larry Maillet, Mike Gaudet and added Doug Mackay on drums and Andre Leblanc on keys and played several "Molly Oliver" concerts in 1999 and beyond..... The original recording band of "Molly Oliver" reunited for a "Classic Rock" concert at the "Halifax Forum" in the fall of 2003....  Various versions of the group still get together for the on-again, off-again dates. The '78 debut album was remastered and re-released in 2003 as "MOLLY OLIVER IN THE STUDIO" along with four bonus tracks - "Apology" and "Go Back Home" from the '83 EP, the previously unreleased "Open Up" and "Straight In My Head," the band's first independent single.

Molly Oliver Album

Hey There
You Didn't Listen To Me
Somebody New in My Eyes
Carry On
Greet Your Neighbor
Where Do We Go
Living a Dream
Rock 'N' Roll Music

Molly Oliver EP

LIVER (1982)

Greet Your Neighbour
Go Back Home
Somebody New in My Eyes

Molly Oliver CDll

Hey There
You Didn't Listen To Me
Somebody New In My Eyes
Carry On
Greet Your Neighbour
Where Do We Go
Living A Dream
Rock n Roll Music
Go Back Home
Open Up
Straight In My Head

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