Hospital grade anesthetic freezing available upon request

To make you as comfortable as possible during your tattoo or piercing procedure we have freezing available upon request for a small charge. These products take approximately an hour to become effective so allow for the extra time if you would like to use the numbing products.

The topical anesthetic, in the form of a gel, cream or spray, is applied to the skin prior to the piercing procedure. The cream temporarily numbs the nerve endings in the skin and is typically applied 1 hour before the piercing. The anesthetic spray for oral piercing is absorbed very quickly through mucus membranes (inside the mouth), so for tongue piercing the anesthetic only needs to be applied a few minutes before the piercing.

We use Emla patches or a Lidocain ­ Benzocain Mixture and a Lidocain spray for piercing of the tongue and inside the mouth. These products work by being absorbed through the epidermis or top layer of skin and into the dermis where the nerves are. In the case of the tongue and inside the mouth it is absorbed rapidly through the mucus membranes. These products are effective and widely used in hospitals and dentist offices to prevent or minimize swelling (anti inflammatory) and to lessen pain.

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