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Systems: It's All About Choices!

There are two ways to effectively deal with
   old, problem windows...

Window Inserts - An affordable Alternative:
For many old windows, there is an option... an affordable alternative to window replacement. Many old windows have nothing wrong with their basic frames. In retro-fitting, we order Custom-Fit Insert Units. The old operating and stationary sashes and hardware are removed, and a new window unit with a low-profile frame is inserted into your existing frame. The process leaves you with a new, energy efficient window, just as in window replacement. But there is virtually no alteration to interior or exterior walls or siding. It is fast, with virtually no clean-up required. And... it costs considerably less!

Replacements - Tried & True:
The tried and true method of pulling out old windows and replacing them is certainly one option. We do that. There are times when it is the best option. If replacement is the best option for you, we will order Custom-Fit Replacement Windows. This simply means, the window we install is made to measure and guaranteed to fit.

Energy Savings & Cost Effectiveness:
It is a proven fact that the least amount of money you have to invest in upgrading your home to achieve energy savings, is your best deal. The same is true of your windows. Various industry and government publications have specifically pointed out this fact.

The Bottom Line:
Simply said, a replacement window that costs twice as much as a window retro-fit will not save you twice as much on your heating bill. There are good reasons for paying more to buy what you like. But in terms of upgrading to home Energy Efficiency, in most cases, retro-fitting is your best buy.

A Complete Product Line:
All our windows are available as either Replacements or Insert Units. See our Products page for a complete list of all our window types and options.