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Contact Information


Leo Smit


1051 Hwy#1
Mt. Uniacke
Nova Scotia
B0N 1Z0

Phone (after dark!)



replacing (at) with @ and (dot) with .


don't be silly, you're already there!

About the name of the nursery, for the curious: it's a pun upun my name and the location at the crest or summit of Black Brook Hill. Of course it's also about selling plants at the “peak” of perfection...

e-mail*: Some strange things have been going on in the world of e-mail, including servers dumping during overloads, spam filters filtering out non-spam etc; in short, it has become less than 100% reliable. I will always reply to e-mail!, usually the next day and rarely outside of a few days, so if you e-mail to me and don't see a reply within a week you should assume that something has gone wrong in webspace and please phone or write me by letter mail.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail regarding any comments you may have on website content (eg errors in plant descriptions) or website mechanics (eg links that fail).

Business Hours

No regular hours, or even irregular ones. Mail order sales only.




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