From trc@auracom.comWed Jan 29 09:17:30 1997
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 09:13:09 -0400
From: "Robert A. Cormier" 
To: Landon Boyd ,
    David Trueman ,
    "David L. Potter" ,
    David John Murdoch 
Subject: Progress report for last week

1) Completed the set of Lynx strings (after several sessions
with DavidT, I was able to translate the whole set. I had to reword
many messages so that they fit in a 80-column line). 

2) Translated/sent an extra (small) set of strings related to Lynx.

3) Translated/sent a new set of files related to registration.

4) Translated/sent a few first-level files for the
 "CSuite Information Page" and an english-french glossary of CSuite 
 terminology (to be expanded as I progress). 

5) Did some preliminary tests in the french Lynx interface after the 
reworded set of strings were installed. Will work on it with DavidT 
after Tuesday meeting.

6) Prepared/snail-mailed a RCC/CSuite information package to a Radio-Canada
reporter who is to speak about freenets in a coming TV program (which has a 
companion home page where they list hyperlinks of related topics).  

7) completed/sent the "go_ip" set of files EXCEPT the "roaster" file
and the "IPAgreement" file (I feel this set of files should be edited,
both english and french, if they are to be included in the distribution)

8) Started to work on the Pine strings. Will bring the strings 
translated so far with me at the meeting.

9) Sent a reminder to Montreal's Libertel to try to get their interface

I anticipate next week will be devoted mostly to the Pine strings, 
unless some more urgent task takes precedence.     
Robert Andre Cormier, CT/TA 
Reseau communautaire Chebucto