From ab934@chebucto.ns.caWed Jan 29 00:05:41 1997
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 17:10:47 -0400 (AST)
From: "David L. Potter" 
To: "Robert A. Cormier" 
Cc: Landon Boyd ,
    David Trueman ,
    David John Murdoch 
Subject: Progress report week Jan 19-25/97

Documentation Progress

Progress has been made on the Admin documentation, System documentation 
and User documentation.

Gerard and I are working in tandem on the Admin documentation finishing 
off the IP - Database elements.

Gerard has joined Robert McKay in working on the system 
documentation - man pages.

Tony C and I worked on user documentation elements including the 
Dial-up/CommProgEval document set.

Landon made some adjustments to the distribution to create an hd-edit 
group at the time of the install.

This week, the Helpdesk tree was consolidated under (unix) 
group hd-edit and the ccn helpdesk was restored to .../src/... rcs 
control. For the first time since middle fall there is some confidence 
that helpdesk volunteers can edit documents without causing untold chaos.

Outstanding issues include:

1) Establishing a Help tree on csuite that is accessible to the 
documentation team. (Landon... when you have a chance... at minimum Gerard, 
Tony and I need access to csuite /Help ;-)

2) Removal of the bulk of the existing documents from the csuite /Help tree 
and revision of the csuite /Help directory structure in advance of the 
installation of new documents. (D Potter)

3) Creation of two sets of Icons (distribution and CCN) for the Helpdesk 
(Chris Majka is working on this.)

4) Adding some additional functionality to Andrew Irwins script to 
automate the generation of "table of contents" documents. I've sent 
correspondence to Andrew to see if he is able/willing to finish this off. 
If not James Fifield is going to look at it and perhaps enlist a friend. 
This is a medium term item.... I'd like to have it finished within two 

5) Robert and I will have to identify a strategy for dealing with 
masculine/feminine long names.

Plans for the comming week

** A Documentation meeting Tuesday evening 7:00 at the Halifax Library

* Work on documentation is continuing... 

- Gerard and Robert McKay on system docs.

- David Potter on Admin documents.

- David Potter, Tony , and Jan on User documents. Tony and I are working on 
a  coding system that will allow users to search for 
documents aimed at a particular user level. Four classifications are 
being considered: novice, general, expert, ip. Discussions include 
whether to combine expert and IP in one category...

- Hope to involve Blaine to some extent on the admin-office docs.

Other Topics Items

1) I spoke with Mike Siebel of the University of Washington Pine Development 
Team with respect to the use of the GNU gettext package in our 
internationalization project. The contact was positive and we are 
continuing with our strategy as discussed with him.

2) The Manitoba Group are now expressing an interest in switching to CSuite.

3) Lake Cowichan (province unknown) is the first of the second round of  
CAP sites to contact us about using CSuite.

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d potter

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