CSuite Documentation is evolving in three areas.

User documentation

New sites will receive a core set of user documents. This document set will be available in both English and French. New sites can, as part of the software installation, automatically insert the name of their organization and other local information in the documents. This provides a 'custom' set of documents that can be added to as appropriate.

One of the benefits of the CSuite package is the opportunity for communities to share documents with other sites. This has the potential of significantly reducing the effort required to keep documentation current.

Much of the user documentation developed by Chebucto Community Net volunteers has been prepared for inclusion in the distributed software.

This documentation is undergoing further revision to streamline the directory structure and consolidate information relating to policy issues that may differ from site to site.

Administration Documentation

The CSuite distribution will include an Administrative Overview that will provide office administrators and board members an overview of the administrative systems.

This resource will offer a picture of what the user is presented with and the administrative tasks associated with the function. This will allow an office administrator to field inquiries if desired and provide a very basic level of troubleshooting... "When should I call the technicians?"

The Administrative overview also provides a (relatively... ;-) plain language description of important CSuite functionality such as the shortcut commands that provide quick access to Information Providers.

Administrative Tour

Another important element of the Admin documentation is the CSuite Guided Tour

The Tour allows a user to undertake various office procedures in a controlled environment. The user does not have to worry about making a mistake and is able to learn about various administrative task such as the processing of applications and account activation.

System Documentation

System documentation will assist sites that wish to customize CSuite functions to accomodate special policy requirements. This documentation will also allow sites to more easily become involved in the development process... contributing solutions to community networking to otehr CSuite sites.

Considerable effort is being directed at developing a body of system level documentation for the the shell scripts that povide so much of the CSuite functionality. The documentation is taking the form of 'man' pages for individual scripts such as mail forwarding script.

Another system level documentation resource that is proving invaluable is the source browser

The source prowser provides a cross reference of CSuite scripts, data variables and system programs utilized. The source browser is also being used to develop maps of program modules.

Weekly progress reports are now available for the weeks of::

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