Bilingual (International Support) CSuite

Version 1.0 of the CSuite software will include software and user documentation that will support the establishment of a French language community network.

The translation project is under the direction of Robert A. Cormier (translation) with assistance from David Trueman (software internationalization). As noted, the development of a bilingual version of CSuite involves internationaliztion of various software components and a significant translation project.


Rather than undertake a 1:1 translation, the CSuite development team has undertaken the internationalization of the central software elements of CSuite. These include:

The internationalization project builds on existing tools including the latest international support included in:

A French version of Lynx is currently undergoing testing and work on the other elements is underway.


Work is progressing on translation of a core set of French documents. These documents are being developed from existing Chebucto Community Net documentation.

An interesting and challenging aspect of this project is identifying suitable strategies for ensuring a new French site can perform local substitutions (eg. legal name) and ensure the resulting documents is correct with respect to masculine/feminine/plural organization names.

French documentaiton is currently being developed and tested here

Weekly progress reports are now available for the weeks of::

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