Communications Committee

Committee Members:

Joan Macintosh, Interim Chair
Vladimir Klonowski
Carole MacDonald
Ken Burke
Joan Brown Hicks

Committee Mandate:

To inform users/supporters and potential users/supporters as well as the general public about community access networks, the Chebucto FreeNet, and the Metro*CAN Society.


  • Committee reconstituted September 1994
  • developed a Communications Plan which was approved by the Board
  • in the process of up-dating current publications
  • responding to requests from other volunteers for such things as brochures, overhead transparancies for presentations, etc.

Plans for Coming Year:

  • developing new publications to meet specific needs
  • planning a range of public awareness activities

Volunteers Needed:

  • skilled writers/editors and people with skills in public relations.
  • welcome suggestions for news releases, publications, public information presentations, etc.