Information Providers (IP) Committee

Carlos Freitas, Chair (
Bonny Linda Lee
Sharon MacDonald
Debbie Lebel
Ben Armstrong
Vladimir Klonowski
Laura Jantek
George White

" to supply the Chebucto FreeNet with Information Providers
significant to our community and help them in their efforts to
produce up-to-date and revelant information"


The best measurement of our accomplishments are the more than 20 local organizations that have come on-line with CFN so far. Here's a list of the most active IPs, the ones that represent CFN philosophy of community information and interactivity:
News, Events and Hot Topics
The Daily News on-line
Community Support and Development
NS Public Interest Research Group
Culture, Religion and Philosophy
Halifax Dance
Education and Libraries
Halifax City regional Library
Government and Politics
Statistics Division-Dept. of Finance
NS Economic Renewal Agency
Health, Fitness and Recreation
NS Bird Society
Professional Enterprise and Commerce
Regional Atlantic Trade Note Association (RATNA)
Discovery Centre
Ecology Action Centre
Metro Transit

Overall the most popular IP (by number of accesses) was the Daily News followed by the Halifax City Regional Library.

Plans for the coming year:

  • Have at least one Editor for each 2nd page
  • start an annual the "Best of CFN" contest by membership vote
  • develop the CFN Editors Guidelines
  • start a Seniors on-line program
  • overhaul the IP information on CFN and streamline the process to become an IP
  • triple the number of IPs