1996 Annual General Meeting

Membership Committee Report

The CCN Membership committee is responsible for managing the recruitment and retention of members in the Chebucto Community Net Society, and providing for their needs. Core responsibilities include managing the membership renewal system, implementing membership policy and expanding CCN membership services.

Membership Statistics

CCN membership continued to grow throughout 1996. At the end of March 1997, CCN had over 3500 active members. This includes only members of the CCN Society, and does not include users who have opted not to join the society.


The most significant initiative of 1996 was the new membership renewal policy. CCN's original membership policy allowed account holders to keep their accounts indefinately. This tied up system resources devoted to accounts no longer being used, allowed our membership information to become outdated, and encouraged members to allow membership to lapse.

Our new policy requires annual renewals of all accounts, for members and non-members. Implementation of this policy has reduced dormant accounts, helped to maintain a current member information database, and encouraged donations. Membership continues to increase, and membership revenue has improved dramatically over 1995.

Membership Services

As the number of members increases, the challenge will be to maintain a high standard of membership service, with the minimal resources at our disposal. Key among these challenges is to maintain communication with the thousands of CCN members and users.

Currently, the membership committee is a committee only in name -- chair Robert Currie is the only member. While the membership committee does not need the number of volunteers of some other committees, it needs to be enlarged. This is a priority for 1997.

Communicating the benefits of membership to members, CCN users, and the general is a vital objective. CCN membership should be seen to benefit both the individual users and the general community. A number of possibilities, including better recognition of membership, will e investigated in the coming year.

Special recognition is due to office administrator Blaine Murphy, who has gone out of his way to handle membership business with speed and courtesy. His presence in the CCN office has greatly helped the delivery of membership services.