1997-98 Treasurer's Report

CCN began the year with $12,860 and ended with $37,785. The revenue came from membership, information provider and other donations, a grant/contract with Industry Canada to develop the CSuite software, and government student employment subsidies. CCN also benefitted from hosting the Telecommunities Canada '97 Conference.

Most of the expenditures relate to the strategic operation of the CCN node. These include office staff, ISP network charges and telephone lines to support 72 dial up modems. Substantial savings in expenditures were realized by the contribution of office and computer space and accounting administration by Dalhousie University as well as thousands of hours of unpaid professional support by a critical core of individuals plus hundreds of other devoted volunteers. CCN operates through its newly twinned computers, but its heart and soul are its dedicated volunteers.

Programming expenditures were associated with CSuite software development. During the year, a workers cooperative, Csuite Networking Limited, was formed and the management of a portion of Industry Canada's contract tasks and associated funds transferred. The 1998 budget forecasts conservatively that we will receive some $76,000 in revenue from memberships and donations. Through the work of a new fund raising coordinator and associated volunteers, it is expected that revenues will be significantly above this.

Some $7,000 has been budgeted for additional modems and related network upgrades to accommodate this.

Chebucto Commuity Net Society
Statement of Revenue & Expenses
for Period Ending December 31, 1997

Prev Balance:12859.56
Memb/IP donations81138.33
NSGov/student empl21379.96
Industry Canada99180.00
Bank Interest438.40
SubTotal 218125.60
Office Staff18450.64
Office Expenses560.83
Dal Acct Payment59500.00
Direct INet Pay715.12
Publicity CS 1.01032.56
Legal fees988.60
Ret'd Chqs537.00
Bank Charges83.28
Mile#6 Rev to CS21200.00
SubTotal 193199.54
Revenue-Expenses 24926.06
Balance 37785.62
Dal Account:
Donation 1000.00
Unpaid from '961864.37
INet Connection15563.16
Modem lines31198.69
Dal Acct Balance1016.28
Chebucto Community Net Society
1998 Budget
Prev Balance: 37785.00
Memb/IP donations60000.00
Info Providers10000.00
Other Donations6000.00
Student Subsidy3200.00
Bank Interest240.00
SubTotal 79440.00
Office Manager15090.00
Benefits (RevCan)5030.00
IP Marketing Contr20000.00
Student Salary5120.00
Office Expenses750.00
Ret'd Chqs600.00
Bank Charges75.00
Telecoms (DalAct)56920.00
SubTotal 103585.00
Revenue-Expenses - 24145.00
Balance 13640.00
Telecoms (DalAct)
Prev Balance 1000.00
Additional Modems 7000.00
INet Connection 14400.00
Modem lines33600.00
Printing/Photocopy 420.00
Subtotal 56920.00
Dal Acct Balance 1000.00