Chebucto Community Net
Board Minutes
April 23, 1999


Start 6:30 P.M., Adjourned 8:30 P.M.

  • Michael Colborne
  • Bernie Hart
  • Joyline Makani
  • Doug McCann
  • David Murdoch
  • Susan Newhook
  • Krista Olmstead
  • Sharon Parker
  • Andrew D. Wright

          Michael Colborne agreed to chair the meeting until officers were elected.


Election of Officers

          Michael pointed out we are still two members short. The Nominating Committee will bring forward new names for the next meeting. Michael asked that members indicate their interests in the positions available. Doug McCann - IP Chair; Sharon Parker - Treasurer; Joyline Makani and Andrew Wright - Volunteers; Sue Newhook - Communications; Bernie Hart - External Relations; Krista Olmstead - Membership; David Murdoch - Technical Committee. The position of Training Chair is yet to be determined. Richard Rudnicki will be a Director-at-large.

          Krista also agreed to be the contact person for the Proactive/CCN project.

          There was discussion of the merits of separating the Policy and Complaints functions. This was not resolved and will be raised at the next meeting.

          It was agreed that new job descriptions will be required for each position.

          It was moved by Sharon Parker and seconded by Joyline that Michael Colborne be nominated as the Chair. This was passed unanimously. It was moved by Andrew Wright and seconded by Sharon Parker that David Murdoch be nominated Vice Chair. This motion was passed unanimously.

David Murdoch's Report

          Applications have been made for one student for each CAP Site which will include Chebucto. As well a Co-Op Student will be hired. David indicated that Chebucto will act as the lead agency for the summer student program. An account will be set up to handle this expenditure. David asked for approval to contract a local firm to handle the payroll. Doug pointed out that the only alternative was to use an accounting package such as Quicken. Sharon said such a program is already in use. It was moved by Bernie Hart seconded by Sharon Parker that David be given approval to make the decision as to which firm will be contracted. Passed.

Present Office Management

          Andrew Wright is now responsible for user support and information inquiries which are received by the Office. Doug Rigby is now looking after all financial matters associated with the Office. It was moved by David Murdoch and seconded by Bernie Hart that Andrew's time be increased to three hours per day for five days per week. Passed.

Executive Director Search

          Joyline reported on behalf of the selection committee for the new Executive Director consisting of Richard Rudnicki, David Potter and her. Twenty-six applications were received. Seven candidates will be interviewed - three have been completed.

Urban Cap

          Bernie reported that a letter would go from Peter Morgan to the Technology and Science Secretariat requesting funding for the preparatory phase of the Urban CAP program. There will be four deliverables: a brochure, a Powerpoint presentation, a schedule of interviews with twelve stakeholders and a plan for the focus group sessions which will begin this Spring. Joanne Fraser of River Systems will be contracted to do this work.

          There was a discussion of the other work which the Board would like Joanne to undertake - preparation of funding proposals, managing the CSuite communications and marketing program and overseeing the office administration. Andrew Wright is now handling the latter role.

          It was agreed that Joanne would begin the Urban CAP work and David Murdoch will explore the other duties which she will be required to undertake. The Chebucto work will be negotiated at a cost of $300 per day. David will be particularly concerned about managing the CSuite upgrade and the proposal for a Community Learning Network which may be funded by the Office of Learning Technologies.

Charitable Status

          David asked that the Board approve an expenditure to seek the advice of a CA in interpreting the implications of our charitable status. It was also suggested that this person be asked to provide advice on our responsibilities with respect to HST. It was recommended that Richard Touesnard be approached for this advice. Sue agree to check with Sharon and Doug. Sue also agreed to collect information on the effect registered charity status has had on other Community Nets. She will also check on the obtaining a copy of the relevant legislation. Bernie Hart agreed to supply the name of an Insurance Company which offers relatively low cost Directors' Liability Insurance.

Communications/Public Relations

          Michael circulated a draft page for the Library newsletter which Sue had written. It was agreed that this style was very attractive and should be considered for other purposes. The Board also reviewed the five publicity sheets which Richard had prepared. It was agreed these should be updated and made available. Michael also circulated a copy of a page from the HRM Newsletter in which Bill Gellard, the Transit webmaster spoke about the very productive arrangement Transit and Solid Waste Management enjoyed with Chebucto.


          Andrew and Joyline agreed to review the volunteer support and devise a better response arrangement. There was discussion of the Volunteer of the Month selection. It had been noted that to date a woman had not been selected. Andrew said one reason there had not been nominations for women was that with the exception of Board participation, there were virtually no women volunteers at CCN.

Membership and On-Line Registration

          Andrew offered to make any changes which were required. Doug agreed to create a Forms Archive page listing all forms with appropriate links.

Provincial Server

          David Murdoch reported that the Technical Committee is presently discussing the pros and cons of adding the provincial component to the existing CCN Server versus installing a separate server. This will have to be resolved by the Committee before the province-wide program can be put in place.

Next Meeting

          Next Meeting 6:30, Tuesday, May 18th North Branch Library.

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