Chebucto Community Net
Board Minutes
Tuesday 1 February 2000


Start 6:40 P.M., Adjourned 8:40 P.M.

  • Michael Colborne (Chair)
  • Leo J. Deveau
  • Doug McCann
  • David Murdoch
  • Krista Olmstead
  • Andrew D. Wright

          Guest: Jeff Warnica

          Regrets: Bernie Hart, Sharon Parker



          The minutes of the previous meeting 11 January 2000, were adopted with changes per internet posting to Board archive. Motion: Andrew, Second: Doug, CARRIED.

Issues Arising From Minutes

          The hiring of Johanne DesRosiers as bookkeeper awaiting acceptance of offer.

Previous Minutes

          The approval of the minutes of 23 November 1999 deferred to next meeting.


Executive Director's Report

Provincial Conference 4-5 February

          The conference to be held in Truro is expected to attract the majority of community nets in the province. CCN has prepared a presentation (10 mins). Between four to six of the board are expected to attend. The Technology Secretariat will fund the full cost of two CCN representatives. It was suggested that the attending members pool their expenses, and CCN would reimburse the difference. Expected cost $300 to $400.

          Motion: That reasonable costs of CCN participation at the Truro Conference in excess of TSS funding be reimbursed. David, Second: Krista.

          Jeff: Suggested approaching other community nets on sharing resources such as user help by using 1-800 lines.

Office Space

          Discussions have taken place with Computer Science, Math Dept. and Dal Facilities Management regarding the availability of additional space on campus. A meeting with Randy Barkhouse is also in the works. All meeting were positive in that the Dal community is supportive on CCN residence on campus.

          The Computer Science building is of particular interest because it will provide the opportunity to collaborate with the Cybercafe, PCPC store, CS students, seniors and other building residents. The facility would provide the needed space for projects such as Urban CAP.

          David indicated that our present situation is based on a general 'understanding'. We should endeavor, in this and any future case, to get something on paper.

Information Package

          An information package (draft - sample provided) has been prepared. This would be given to new members for orientation, and also be used for recruiting. Doug indicated that the package e.

  &out information providers.


          Mockups of advertising copy have been prepared for a ten to twelve week campaign this winter-spring in the Coast. Purpose - to attract new members. Doug pointed out that the emphasis is on affordable connection and not on community service.

          David suggested other media such as Plain Reader and other niche markets.


          Awaiting response to proposal from the Feds. CCN has lined up trainers for the project and has acquired a copy of the trainer's manual. Up to 4 training facilities have been identified. Other possibilities include Killiam Library and various Y's. Space required for up to 50 people. About 35 voluntary groups to be trained have been identified. CCN revenue expected -- $25,000. Cost will include trainers, space, internet connection, tech support.

          ACTION: Leo will prepare a detailed report for next meeting.

          David: Suggested an evaluation of trainers after each session.

          Jeff: Suggested Henson College as a venue, user support and CS people as trainers.


          Five (5) new lines were added this week, with 5 more expected next week. New modems are also expected. Text-based users' upgrades to PPP membership is bringing in the majority of revenue. Growth in PPP may require placing a cap on the service. The cost of new PPP accounts may soon exceed PP revenue. The situation will be closely monitored.


          The telephone answering system (voice mail) will soon be computerized. Messages will be directed to the appropriate message-box by the "Press 1 for xxxxx, press 2 for xxxx" procedure. The system should be up and running by the weekend.

Net Corps Interns

          Two (2) interns arrived last week. Their skills are lower than expected. Experienced in Macromedia products and not HTML. It will take some time to get them up to speed.


Web Design

          David suggested that the interns look at the IP pages for redesign. This in conjunction with future VolNet requirements.


Urban CAP

          Meeting with seniors this week regarding their needs. Meeting with rural communities next week. Meeting at Victoria Hall on the 17th. Completed applications include Veth House and Sackville. The payoff for CCN will be our inclusion in a clustered group (South Halifax). Funding for each cluster is $20,000, which CCN will get a share.

          David: Participants in the project will become potential CCN members.



          No report. One bank account has a $20,000 balance.



IP Fees and HST: Doug

          Based on e-mail traffic there is concern that HST will be applied on top of membership fees. The budget presented and passed at the last meeting should have addressed the issue. A proper accounting system must be implemented so that budgeting decisions can be based on information.

          Leo: A mailout will be going out shortly on IP membership renewals.


Co-op Students: David

          There is a 19 February deadline for participating in the program. Funding is 2/5ths of cost. CCN pays $10 - $12 per hour. The program is 40 hours per week for 16 weeks. Student could be from computer science and other disciplines - we must decide soon.

          Leo suggests Collin Mason as a mentor for the program.


CD ROM Project: Andrew

          Targeting March/April for release.

          David indicated that the focus of the CD should be to get member connected. Advertising and other materials should be secondary. We require a strategic plan for target audience.


Membership: Krista

          New membership renewal notices (drafts) were presented. They include 1st, 2nd and other notice levels.

          Doug reiterated that IP's were again excluded. IP's are members too, and the IP membership rate should be included in the material.


Next Meeting

          23 February 2000, 6:30 P.M., Room 107, Chase Building, Dalhousie University

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