Board Minutes - Feb 6/96

In Attendance


External Activities

Windsor Community Net

B.H. reports from the Public Meeting in Windsor the last week of Jan/96

Dartmouth Schools

D.T. has been approached by Bernie Malone about hooking up into CCN. School board will pay $50 per month, per school to ISIS. for extra bandwidth. No benefit to Chebucto other than Publicity (they provide a training site, 1 night per week & a letter goes out to all parents about Chebucto).

Name Change Motion

J.F. asks about changing Brenda Sheppard's (new leader-User help) to Ariannah Halliwell.
P.H. Motions- Whereas Ms. Brenda Sheppard is presently changing her name and is unable to offer any formal identification and whereas Ms. Brenda Sheppard is soon to be assuming the role of "Leader User help" and a future change of name will be confusing, be it resolved that Gerard be instructed to accept a User agreement from Brenda Sheppard in the name of Ariannah Halliwell.
J.F. seconds the motion.


J.F., in response from members, asks if anything could be done by CCN about certain ( newsgroups.
-D.T. replies, not unless we want to pay $7000. for a News server. Then we would have to contemplate on how to handle it.

Policy on Commerce

P.H. presents to the board a draft of "Policy on Commerce". The question was asked "Should Advertising be allowed on CCN pages? and links provide to there Business pages?"
-D.T. likes the idea, but limits should be set
- P.H. agress with D.T.
-J.B. asks about the IP's advertising on their pages.
-D.T. proposes that IP's will be allowed to advertise, but revenue to be split 30%revenue for IP & 70% for CCN.
Other proposals concerning advertising
- 1 year sponsorship
- Fund-Raising Committee to do Contract/development of guidelines
- No performance guarantees from CCN
- links to and from Business page
- Advertisers have no control of what's on a page.
- Advertising $$$ to be a controlled percentage of CCN's budget
Condensation of talks that have gone on the past two years.
- D.T. proposes that a limited amount of space be allowed for Commercial Content.
-IP Commercial Conduct - to be discussed further
- D.T. proposes that section 4 of the Commercial Policy be left out and to be discussed further in conjunction with Green pages.
-P.H. will revise Commercial plan, then present to the Board for agreement, then to ISIS.

J.F. asks if their is anyway to promote ISIS as a Commercial Provider

-D.T. if it is done, it should be done in a somewhat subtle way

Three One day E-mail Workshops in Annapolis County

-J.B.H. has been asked by David Witherly of the Annapolis COunty Regional Library about 3 one day workshops on E-mail, they'd be willing to donate $$ to CCN in exchange.
-D.T. stated that a new mail reader will be coming out, so they should check with him first.

Tentative date for AGM to be Mar 19th

Notice of meeting, tentative issues to be made public
Notice of Motion (according to Bylaws) -Changing name of Society has to be presented one month before AGM.
-B.H. to draft notice of motion.
-Reports from all Committees to be presented at a Board meeting before AGM>- reports to be done in HTML. - Reports to be posted Online, no more than 1 page with highlights first, should include Accomplishments, Stats, Goals.
-200 copies of reports to be made up.
-Location to be decided. C.C.S. will look into using Halifax Community College on Bell Road. -Notice of motion to be put out after Volunteer night (Feb 13/96).

D.T. reports that the New Domain name "" has been approved

Increase of Phone lines

D.T. requests Blanket approval of increasing phone lines from 64 to 72, if the financial situation, after meeting with David Towers later this week, allows it.
-Motion in Agreement by P.H.
-Seconded by all Present Board members (J.B., J.F., J.B-H., C.C.S., B.H.)

Next Board Meeting - Feb 20/96 - @Peter Henry's.3252 Veith St.Halifax