Chebucto Community Net
Board Minutes
Tuesday 11 January 2000


Start 6:30 P.M., Adjourned 8:30 P.M.

  • Michael Colborne
  • Leo J. Deveau
  • Bernie Hart
  • Joyline Makani
  • Doug McCann
  • David Murdoch
  • Sharon Parker
  • Andrew D. Wright

          Guest: Jeff Warnica

          Regrets: Krista Olmstead.



          Minutes of previous meeting were adopted as read. Motion: Bernie, Second: Andrew, CARRIED.

          November 23 meeting minutes to be approved next meeting.


Provincial Community Net conference

          Bernie reported that there would be a conference of N.S. provincial community nets to be held in Truro on February 4th and 5th, 2000. The purpose of the conference will be to share information and identify issues. He said that there would be three main components to the meeting: to share information among the community nets with an eye to fostering partnerships; to explore various provincial initiatives and resources, including the Provincial Server; and to examine available Federal government opportunities, such as the Office of Learning Technology (OLT) distance learning program. A hopeful outcome of this meeting is a provincial organization.

          The conference is being put together by the Technology and Science Secretariat (TSS), who will fund two people from each community net. Michael asked what planning do we need to do for this? Bernie replied that technical support from Chebucto would be nice, plus presentations are desired. Leo, David and Andrew will go, with other Board members welcome. Michael said that we should discuss this more online, work out details and if anyone else wants to go.


Executive Director's Report


          Leo said that we would like to start promotional activity as soon as possible. Doug said that we must distinguish between membership and service in this, maybe selling memberships with no services attached at all. Leo replied that we would want to be clear about what it is we are selling and at this time members feel that they are buying services with their memberships. Leo said that we need to sustain current member expectations, but we need to recruit new members. Doug made an analogy between Chebucto and other groups such as churches and the Better Business Bureau, which give out memberships without services. He said that we provide members with community based information and not services.


          Leo announced that we've hired Johanne DesRosiers, a bookeeper with extensive experience working with non-profit groups. He mentioned that she uses Simply Accounting software. Her fees are $120 per month on retainer or $40 per hour. Sharon and Leo will meet with her next week.

Web Page Redesign

          Leo said that he wants to put a plan in place to implement the library school recommendations.

Magic CD Project

          Leo reported that this was now in motion.

Smart Communities

          Leo reported that the program would be worth $5 million over the next two years. He said that Chebucto has to get its foot in the door as the private sector sees this as only a marketing opportunity but our presence can keep the focus on access.

Office Space

          There was some discussion about Chebucto getting new office space. Leo said that he was meeting with Jacob Slonim, Dean of Computer Sciences at Dalhousie about getting more space. Leo said that it would be good to have a member/client desk, a meeting room, etc. Talks are very preliminary at this time and we are sensitive that the Math and Stats Dept. at Dalhousie, who have been very good to us, not feel left out.


          We are still waiting for second phase funding. Leo said that there would be a teleconference tomorrow. Thirty one groups have signed up so far but the delays are originating with the Federal government.

Urban CAP

          Focus Group meetings continue. Leo spoke about the "cluster" model, where partners are situated based on geography and interest groups. David said that the meeting this morning brought in a wide variety of participants. There was some division between urban and rural parts of HRM and meetings were being scheduled to address this. David said that Chebucto needs to identify what we're doing right with our existing community groups who are Information Providers and communicate this idea. There was some discussion about a promotional Chebucto window decal and Joyline and Leo will work on this idea.


Net Corps

          Leo reported that we would have two Net Corps interns coming in soon and that they could help work on the web site. The GPI website supported by CCN needs assistance. David asked what was in this for Chebucto? Leo responded that this was a good example of community support and it was good for making contacts. Leo said that there was a nine week window for doing this.


Summer Co-op Student

          Leo said that this was a project funded by Economic Development and the application deadline was February 12, 2000.


Budget Revisited

    & would be in excess of $5000; if the amount colleneed to be careful about becoming too dependent on large grant projects like VolNet. He asked where will these be in 2001? Leo replied that his goal was to find matching replacement money for these projects.

          Doug reported that IP membership fees had not been collected. Information on this had been sent to Leo. If the IP memberships were renewed at the initial fee, the amount collected would be in excess of $5000; if the amount collected was at the minimum amount collected would be $2500.

          With reference to the budget, this would reduce somewhat the reliance on the large projects listed as revenue sources.

          Michael mentioned that we would have to clarify the relationship between Chebucto and the CSuite Cooperative sometime in the near future.

          Motion: to accept the proposed budget. Moved: David, Second: Doug. CARRIED with one abstention.

New Board Members

          Leo, Krista, Michael and David are to work on drawing up a list of new recruits for the Board.


Next Meeting

          Next meeting February 1, 2000 at the Chase Building.

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