Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors meeting
January 9, 1995


Welcome to Carole.

Volunteer coordination
-lots of people are volunteering in the list but Carole hasn't been able 
to follow up.


- information gathered is not very effective
B.H - post jobs to the list, instead of trying to match them?

J.M - How many names?

C.S.- More than one/week

J.M.- How about an automated reply?

D.T. - How about a WWW page on CCN?
	C.S. should ensure that volunteers are being taken care of by the 
Board and team leader. We need a constant flux of new volunteers to keep 
CCN going.

	ccn-tech now has weekly meetings. That's where volunteers should be 

Jan offered to put the job descriptions together by harassing the BOD in 
a regular basis.

C.S. would then find a volunteer to HTML the information.

J.B.H. - Did the volunteer meetings worked?
C.S. - Not quite. The turnaround was not very good

D.T.- We should have an orientation session for new volunteers, so the 
philosophy of CCN is passed on.

J.M.-Meeting structure:

Discussion of volunteer x membership session.

Discussion on volunteers mailing list. Jan found 2:
		- ccn-volunteers
		- volunteers
volunteers is the one being used now. 

D.T. will re-direct ccn-volunteers to volunteers
	The list should be moderated.


- D.T. to:make volunteers list moderated (by C.S.)

- C.S. to:develop an automatic reply.Maybe use majordomo reply (info 
command) + blurb

- C.S. to: have a volunteer session preferably before the AGM and before 
the Spring break, thus: week of Feb 13

- All: have job descriptions and small projects ready to match with 
volunteers during session

- C.S.: write an article for the next issue of the newsletter

- C.S.: form the volunteer committee

Joe, J.M. and C.S. are working on volunteers for the Internet Show - 10 
days from now

Report on Fund Raising - BOD proposal to Ross

J.M. Spoke briefly with him:

- no problem with the proposal

- he's busy with other proposals

- meeting next week

JM is planning a fund raising meeting.

JM, Bernie and JBH will discuss the details of Ross contract

Report on Provincial proposal


meeting with minister: He's not making appointments for now. T.Lamport 
will be delivering a report to him.
T.Lamport thinks they're ready to fund VCNs, like Windsor.

We should prepare a proposal to be delivered to T.Lamport

DT: meeting with Windsor next week (Thursday. Contact him if interested 
to attend)

- Lots to do. We should use our Committees structure to get them started.

- There's an NSTN point of presence in Windsor but Isis is willing to 
share the costs of a phone line.

- the message we should pass to government is that they should support us 
even if other VCN's don't come on-line

- our resources (especially DT) are stretched to the limit.

- Not sure if T.Lamport understands the seriousness of our situation

Bernie: The government has a problem with our "free" users. They want 
re-assurance that we got all the money we can from them before turning to 

What do we have to do with Windsor?
	training: user, IP...
	technical infrastructure
	develop Biz plan

Do they have core people?

Looks like but they seem to lack somebody to pull everything together.
They have staff: 1 person

Succesful CAP applications: SheetHarbor(sp?)/Hubbards, Chester, 
Gainsborough. We'll have to start talks soon.


DT, Bernie and JBH to work on the proposal and post it to the Board.

Bernie to setup a meeting with T.Lamport

Report on IPs

What to do with "out of province" IPs?

- charge?
- if so, does that imply support?
- competition with Isis?
- Are we helping the C-Net movement by doing that?

Moved by JM that:

IP status to organizations "out of province" be declined, unless there's 
convincing evidence that there'll benefits for CCN or the community nets 

Seconded by Bernie

DT:How about national and international orgs? Especially those with not 
Net/Web access?

Overall feeling that JM proposal covers that.

Unanimously approved.

DT: name: -> no response yet

Report on Budget

BOD should start drafting their needs for the next year

revenue:	December was above the average
		First week of January was a new record! $2700

75% of the new users are paying.

Gerard's draft contract

- Gerard wants the contract to be between CCN and WebServers but services 
especifically provided by him

- 16 weeks duration

- scope: systems maintenance, software engineering, .... (?),  and 

- $300/week

- single invoice for the whole contract

Bernie: check with Hugh about possible conflict of interest because 
Carlos is a partner in WebServers.


DT to: check with Hugh
	check with David Towers on $$

As discussed before, could we use David Murdoch training money in this 


Andrea John wants one of us to sit in a "Censorship on the Net" panel 
during the Canadian Library June.

Suggested: Peter Henry

Design of new brochures: we need to update and correct the ones used for 
the last Internet Show.

JBH to look fot he old flyer.

We need to produce new flyers geared to a bigger audience because of the 
Provincial PATs

Internet Show

CS- have a donation box

DT - pass the message that we're not a cheap-o ISP.

JM - Apparently our booth space was already assigned

Discussion if we should have an extra attraction.
General consensus: no space

Option: get some out-going volunteers to roam the show and distribute flyers

Joe to:
Get Buttons: Chebucto Volunteer -> ~ 100

Bernie: called to arrange the pay-through-phone trial period. Left message

JBH to contact our nominating committee for the AGM.
Ideally they should meet before the next Board meeting.

DT: Suggestion: Raise Blaine sallary as soon as possible. He's working a 
lot and his responsabilities are increasing.

Next Board Meeting

	1233 Queen St. ap.6
7:00 PM

Meeting adjourned