Chebucto Community Net
Board Minutes
June 8, 1999


Start 6:30 P.M., Adjourned 8:30 P.M.

  • Michael Colborne
  • Leo Deveau
  • Bernie Hart
  • Doug McCann
  • David Murdoch
  • Susan Newhook
  • Sharon Parker
  • Richard Rudnicki
  • Andrew D. Wright

Executive Director's Report

          Leo provided a three page summary that chronicled his first weeks' activities as executive director.

Urban CAP

          Bernie: A stakeholders meeting hosted by the HRM will be held in the Spry Centre 9:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M., June 28, 1999. Present in non-CCN capacities will be Michael Colborne and Bernie Hart. Representing CCN will be David Murdoch, Susan Newhook, and Krista Olmstead. Joanne Frazer will be the presenting CCN's proposal.

          Michael indicated that 70 people (from Municipalities Convention) visited North Branch to view the installation.

          Q: from Susan regarding composition of stakeholders.
          A: HRM, business, health and education orientation is focusing on community social enablers, vs Economic Development and RDA's which are economic development enablers.

          Action: an on-line discussion among board members re: Urban CAP.

Volunteer Network (VolNet)

          This is a possible revenue source. Deadline for application is 30 June 1999. There will probably be a Halifax and a provincial contract awarded.

          Leo provided a definition of VolNets vs UrbanCAP. With VolNet we train the trainers who take their new skills back to their organizations.

          Action: Bernie Hart and Leo Deveau to complete and forward application.

Connect NS Project

          Bernie provided a project outline (hardcopy). Office of Learning Technologies (OLT) grant money available. Nine (9) centres to be established. CCN has been invited to be one of the pilot project sites. Another revenue generator.

Charitable status

          Leo has reviewed correspondence regarding the granting of charitable status. He has some questions he wants to clarify with his CA. CCN's business number will have to appear on all receipts. An audit will be required. There are HST considerations. Annual remittance is required (vs quarterly).

          Action: Leo to report on consultation with CA.

Financial Report

          Monthly reports via email, 28 May. At some point we may want to secure a line-of-credit. In our various services we should include a management fee to recover costs.

PPP Update

          No problems. Six (6) news lines bring total to 20. There are 175 users, 40 internal users.


          Two (2) positions open, including a Training Co-ordinator.

Other Business:


  • Information Morning Birthday Party. A no-go. They are fully booked.


  • Word-on-the-street. We are booked for end of September. Volunteers are required.

    Action: start planning process late July early August.


  • Birthday Party (5 year). Action: ideas on next agenda.


  • Math Department. Organize some joint event to solidify relationship with CCN.


  • InfoInteractive has signed with Yahoo/GeoCities.


  • Office Hours: To be announced as 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. nor 24 hours.

Next Meeting

          Three week rotation to be maintained. 29 June 99, 6:30 P.M., North Branch.

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