Finance Committee

Terms of Reference

The Finance Committee exists to provide financial and administrative controls and procedures to the society and its members.

The Committee shall:

  1. Suggest and implement financial controls and procedures to be established by the board;

  2. Open and maintain a bank account on behalf of the society;

  3. Receive and record all monies collected with the approval of the board;

  4. Record and pay all bills incurred on behalf of The Society and Chebucto Freenet with the approval of the board;

  5. Maintain an inventory of fixed assets;

  6. Provide records or reports requested of the treasurer for the board;

  7. Help with finding a permanent office for the society;

  8. House all minutes of all committees of the Society;

  9. House the Society's inventory including, but not limited to: reports, literature, advertising material, pamphlets.

  10. Interface with the Membership committee for the purposes of designing the membership procedure and maintaining accurate records of membership.

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