Modem and Phone Line Campaign

Chebucto Community Net can be accessed in two ways - either via Telnet over the Internet or by dial-up line using a modem and phone.

We estimated that 90% of Chebucto Community Net users access via dial-up.

To accommodate this popular demand for access, there is a continuing requirement for phone lines into Chebucto Community Net.

Every visit into the system by dial-up is greeted by the name of the sponsor of the phone line and four lines of information about the sponsor organisation.

The monthly cost to donate a phone line into Chebucto Community Net is $60. This provides a modem, connection and monthly rental for a phone line and a portion of the costs associated with connecting the line to the Chebucto Community Net computer.

Presently we have 72 dial-in phone lines in operation.

If you are interested in sponsoring a phone line please send a message to David Murdoch.

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