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Chebucto Community Net

Information Provider Committee Contacts
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The IP committee may be contacted at
The IP editors may also be contacted at

vacant Chair
Michael Cormier Vice Chair: Internal
Mark Rushton Vice Chair: External
Peter Mortimer Past Chair
vacant Secretary

CCN Team Leaders
Bob Adams IP Training
Clive Bagley User Training
Norman DeForest User-Help
Ed Dyer IP-Help, Postmaster & Tech Liason
David Murdoch Operations
David Potter Mailing-List Admin & Help Desk
vacant PPP-Help

CCN Editors
Michael Cormier Editor in Chief
Government & Politics
Ryan Baker Sport & Fitness
Diane Cooper Heritage
Ed Dyer Religion
Sheilagh Hunt Arts Billboard
Susan Lilley Health
Grant MacLeod Recreation
Christopher Majka Philosophy; Culture & the Arts
Colin Prudhoe Technology
Mark Rushton Community Support & Development
Colin Stewart Environment
Johnathan Thibodeau Science
vacant Education
Features Editor
Professional Enterprise and Commerce

Other Members
Ben Armstrong
Peter Henry
Justin Little
George White