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Benefits of Being an Information Provider
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  • Cost - our fees for information providers are very low and for the basic CCN Information Provider package organizations can contribute what they can. Compare this with the high rates of commercial Internet Service Providers (ISP's). We also offer a premium IP package (see below) including such things as custom user logins, virtual domain names and additional majordomo mailing lists for very low rates.

  • Training - We have one of the best training programs available anywhere -- for both Users and Information Providers -- all for free! We make sure your website works correctly before launching it into cyberspace. Most commercial ISPs offer no training at all.

  • Support - Our mailing lists (a small assortment):

    Offer a wide variety of support mechanisms to answer virtually any question you can throw our way on any aspect of CCN functionality. These are run by volunteers, however, turn-around time for requests is often very prompt. Support by many commercial ISPs is much more limited.

  • On-line Editing: We offer on-line editing running in tandem with RCS (Revision Control System) allowing Information Provider Editors sophisticated control of documents on-line. Most commercial ISP's offer nothing like this.

  • CGI Routines: We offer IPs access to an ever-growing library of CGI (Common Gateway Interface) routines including:

  • Bilingual Service: We offer a bilingual service in both French and English. WWW functionality, text-editing & EMail -- with most associated menu, help, documentation, etc. are available in both languages. IPs have the option of running sites that are fully bilingual with complete CCN support. Most commercial ISPs offer nothing at all like this.

  • Full Internet Functionality: We offer full World Wide Web, EMail, Usenet, FTP (to your own home directory) and Telnet (e.g. to your CCN account) functionality - just like all other ISPs. We have also offer full FTP functionality directly to IP directories.

    All our on-line materials work fully with graphical and textual browsers. The CCN can host virtually any kind of WWW materials that exist. We also feature on-line Text-editing & private file areas something which most commercial ISP's either don't offer or (the latter) only at extra cost.

  • Internet Utilities: We support Internet functions like compress, zip, gzip & file conversion utilities as well as Weblint, an HTML checkers, and kermit & zmodem protocols for uploading & downloading material. Support for these by commercial ISPs is patchy at best.

  • Connectivity: Looking for speedy connections to the backbone of the Internet? We are connected through ISInet via a 10 megabit/second connection to both CA*Net and CA*Net II. There is no better connectivity in Nova Scotia at any price! Many commercial ISP's don't have this level of connectivity.

  • A Rich and Diverse WWW Site: The CCN has hundreds of its own well-design, attractive & fully-functioning pages of valuable materials containing links to local, regional, national and international organizations on a huge variety of topics - pages that focus on links to resources which have content and not just form! Compare and contrast this with what others offer.

  • A Community of Information Providers: The CCN has over 200 Information Providers, 7,000+ local users, receives almost 4 million URL 'hits' per month and its materials are linked to tens of thousands of sites world-wide. The CCN is a good place to place a website if you are looking for exposure in a context that looks professional and competent.

  • An Excellent Track Record: The CCN is up and running virtually 100% of the time with excellent Internet connectivity and an ever growing technical proficiency. We have lots of server space and 72 dial-in lines. Contrast this with some commercial ISPs that have functionality that regularly is down for days at time. We've been on-line for almost four years. Commerial ISPs spring up at the drop of a hat -- and some disappear just as quickly!

  • Premium Service: Interested in more? Would you like your own Virtual Domain Name ( Do you want visitors to be able to send EMail to <>? Besides our off-the-shelf standard package the CCN offers a Premium Service. Check for further details.

  • Listserver Support: On the CCN we offer a full-featured implementation of majordomo, the finest listserver software. We support lists which can be open or closed, public or private, moderated or not and archived or not along with documentation and commands which can help you effectively manage your list. Most internet service providers offer no listserver implementation or support.

  • Being Part of a Community: Finally, being a part of the Chebucto Community Net is more than just renting some server space -- its being a part of an on-line community of hundreds of Information Provider Organizations that share the community spirit which is part of our name. We are not a commercial organization and we're proud of it! We are about other values than just selling things or propagating material bereft of meaningful content.

    Want to find out more? Visit the Information Providers Committee page, our IP Support and Training home page or register to become a CCN Information Provider.