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Chebucto Community Net

Information Provider Committee Terms of Reference
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Serving Your Community's Online Needs.



"To help bring to the Chebucto Community Net Information Providers significant to our community and to assist them in their efforts to produce up-to-date and relevant information."

To accomplish this goal the committee will:

  • Assemble a list of potential Information Providers and initiate contact.

  • Assemble a roster of Information Provider Advisors to serve as contacts and on/off-line consultants.

  • Advise Information Providers on how to better utilize the Chebucto Community Net resources.

  • Interface with the "Training & Support Committee" to develop a training program.

  • Interface with the "Technical Committee" to establish a procedure and provide documentation to upload information using the Internet or dial-up connections.

  • Establish and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions archive for IPs.