How to find the Chebucto Community Net Office

Our office is general staffed Monday to Friday, 9:15 to 4:45. Chebucto Community Net has its office on the campus of Dalhousie University. Visitors should bring $.25 or $1.00 coins for the parking meters. We are best accessed via the main entrance to Dalhousie on Coburg Road. Coburg Road runs from the Northwest Arm crossing Oxford St. at a traffic signal and continuing to a traffic signal at Robie St. The street name changes to Spring Garden Road and continues on to Barrington St.

Via Oxford St.

The intersection of Coburg and Oxford Streets is marked by a traffic signal, and brick office buildings with a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at ground level. Persons coming via Oxford St. should turn slightly uphill at the light.

You will immediatley pass to your right a bus shelter and the entrance to Kings College. Very shortly after, you will see a crosswalk, stone gateway and black lettered, yellow sign for Lord Dalhousie Drive. Turn right.

Via Downtown or Robie St.

The intersection of Coburg and Robie Streets is marked by a traffic signal, and several unique buildings. These include an octagonal Bank of Nova Scotia branch, a professional center with a Lawtons at ground level, a deli and a miniscule grassy park.

Persons coming via Robie St should turn slightly uphill at the traffic signal. Coburg road will narrow and turn slightly. You will cross multiple busy crosswalks, pass a Capitol Store on your left and come to some stone buildings, also on your left as you begin to go down the other side of a slight incline. You have just passed a Lawtons on your right and now have a stone wall on your left. In a moment you will see one more crosswalk, at least one red mailbox and a utility pole. Tucked behind the utility pole is a stone gateway and black lettered, yellow sign for Lord Dalhousie Drive. Turn left.

Finding a parking spot and our office

Lord Dalhousie Drive ends at a fourway stop. You will be forced to turn right or left. First try left and proceed between two stone buildings towards a parking lot. As you enter the lot turn right _immediately_ and you will see three parking meters. Feed the meter and enter the stone building you are facing. It is called the Chase Building and has a second floor stone balcony. Enter the slate grey door, continue straight past the staircase until you encounter the double doors of the library. Turn right down the corridor where you will see room 125.

If necessary additional metered parking can be found on the opposite side of the building. Return to the fourway stop and go straight through it. Additional metered parking is available on your left. Enter the Chase building via the door nearest the fourway stop. In the foyer, use the doors on your right to enter a corridor. In the corridor, room 125 is the first room on your right.

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