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The Chebucto Community Net Society (CCN) is a not-for-profit society formed for the establishment of free public access to a community-based information and communications network in the Halifax/Dartmouth metro area.

Similar networks have been established in communities across North America. Thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life have realized the benefits of exchanging information among diverse individuals and groups and improving access to public information.

CCN members have been developing a community access network prototype since October, 1993.

During the early development phase, the Society also has began building a base of information supported by metro-area Information Providers (IPs). IPs will are a diverse group, reflecting the nature and concerns of the community. Each IP uploads and maintains information for the community voluntarily. IPs include civic organizations, clubs, government agencies, individuals, professional associations and more in accordance with people's imaginations and interests.

The "Canadian Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom" will be adapted to establish policies on information content. Existing intellectual property rights legislation and other laws and regulations will be respected. The use of the Chebucto FreeNet for commerce will be limited.

Powerful and Flexible Technology

The Chebucto Community Net uses the most powerful and flexible technology for navigating the information highway. Its Lynx client uses hypertext-based World Wide Web (WWW) protocols to access all Internet resource types including FTP, Gopher, e-mail and Usenet news. This configuration is remarkably user-friendly without compromising network functionality.

Public Access

Community access networks are sometimes referred to as the public libraries of the next century. The broadest possible spectrum of people can use the Chebucto FreeNet, whether or not they possess a computer and modem.

Public access terminals will be located in public libraries and other public places.

Users who have access to home and office computers connect with the Chebucto Community Net in two ways:

  1. by using a modem for dial-up access or
  2. through an Internet connection.

Informing and Empowering

You are invited to join the Chebucto Community Net Society. The society operates the Chebucto Community Net. Public interest, participation and support in this effort is essential.

Please consider making a contribution to the CCN to help achieve the goal of putting the Chebucto Community Net online with the broadest possible community support. Your contribution does matter! Your membership will make a difference!

How You Can Help

Join the CCN!
Make a donation
Funds, office equipment and supplies, computer and communications hardware -- all these (and more) will be put to good use.
Volunteer your time
Your energy and talents are welcome.
Be an Information Provider
What expertise would you like to share with the community using the Chebucto Community Net?
Tell others
Invite friends and colleagues to join the CCN.
Open a dialogue

How to Contact Us

Chebucto Community Net

c/o Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computing Science
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 3J5
telephone:  (902) 494-2449

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