A Brief History of the CCN

In the summer of 1993, several individuals began meeting at the Halifax Library with the intent to form community networks in the area. These community nets would provide free access to the internet, promote the freedom of ideas and communication on the internet and encourage individuals and community groups to use the internet as a vehicle for personal and community development. Early that fall, the project divided, one project being the ongoing creation of community net organising committees through out the province, the other focusing on the creation of a prototype serving metropolitain Halifax and its local calling area.

Originally called the Chebucto FreeNet, and operating on a Sparc 2 generously loaned by Sun MicroSystems, Chebucto began operating as a host in late October 1993. Since then, we have upgraded to a Sun Sparc 20 which we own. We have also changed our name to Chebucto Community Net (CCN) which better reflects our focus. CCN went public on June 16, 1994. More Chebucto technical information is available.

Chebucto Community Net is more than computer equipment. It's about people and their community. This community net is operated by the Chebucto Community Net Society. Users become members of this not-for-profit society. Members of the Society elect the Board of Directors, whose members formulate policy, and individually chair the many volunteer committees on which Chebucto relies.

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