Terms of Reference

Support and Training Committee

(revised November 29, 1996)

The Support and Training committee exists to ensure that all Chebucto Community Net users have access to adequate support and training services for continuing successful use of the Chebucto Community Net.

The committee shall:

  1. Prepare and recommend policies and procedures to the Chebucto Community Net Society Board with regard to support and training issues, including standards for document creation.

  2. Ensure that adequate documentation and other training materials are developed, maintained, and distributed as required, for all users of Chebucto Community Net.

  3. Develop and maintain training programs for volunteers in: HTML Document Creation, Being an Information Provider, and Training for the Trainer.

  4. Plan, schedule, and provide training programs for volunteers, Information Providers, and other users of Chebucto Community Net.

  5. Provide on-going operational support to all users.

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