CSuite Workshop Notes - June 11, 1997

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Mail Filter

Mail filtering has become a topic of great concern both on the net at large and on CCN. Last week, James agreed to attempt a filter system, using the .forward file as a hook to tie the filter through.

James reported that the script was now available, by using the "go filter" shortcut on csuite, which brings up a form in which one can select filtering methods. Upon submission, the selected rules are placed in the user's .forward file (replacing any previous forwarding request) and implemented upon receipt of any messages. Please test it.

Discussion ensued about the advantages of various mail filtering methods. The NoCeM, NAGS, and other systems were mentioned, as well as the feasibility of testing messages for valid senders or reply addresses. (userids and/or sites)

It was agreed that continued exploration on this topic is warranted.

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CCN Performance

CCN performance has suffered rather badly over the past few weeks and months. More discussion.

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Consider Solaris?

It was suggested that we take a second look at Solaris as a suitable OS for the PC platform, as it would mean that we might need to support only one version of Unix, surely a step forward in terms of testing.

The obvious downside is cost (see introductory prices above :-)

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User Startup Disk

James reported progress on a "User Startup Disk" which he has been working on, using a simple Terminal program which Landon wrote, and including a copy of the User Guide in various formats. This will use only materials that we have freedom to copy and distribute, so permissions and copyrights are important.

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