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CSuite Workshop - October 22, 1997

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This weeks issues are specifically CCN related, but if successful should be rolled into future CSuite releases.

System Status

Plans to upgrade the system status report were discussed. Options include segregating the more resource intensive items into sub-reports, accessed through links on the main systat page. A link to display current problems would also be desirable.

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Motd Updates

Improved communication with users about system problems was discussed. It was agreed that the message of the day (motd) was the best first line, as every user would see it whenever it changes.

Clive Bagley agreed to update the motd whenever he receives status messages from those who administer the system. Ed Dyer will also add info as appropriate.

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Administrator Log

It was agreed that we need a log of administration activity on our systems. The proposed strategy was to create a su script that would store the user's reasons before actually running the su function. Chris Maxwell and Jamie Fifield would draft this su wrapper script.

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Tmp management

It has been discovered that /tmp is often filled with material that is out of date or stored between sessions and left on the system. The suggestion is to develop a cron job and a policy that supports much more aggressive purging of /tmp

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