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CSuite Development Workshop - November 5, 1997

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Beta Pine progress

Report from Carrie: Note: we should ask DP if he has heard anything back from Washington U. about incorporating our changes back into pine.

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Chris Maxwell reported on these reported issues:

Sendmail corrupts address in bang format so it is passed as a local address
This would require a number of complex modifications to the way zmailer checks addresses.
Relay blocking not working correctly - (blocking some sites that shouldn't be)
This we're not sure about yet. We do not know why it's doing what it's doing :-(
For both of the above DT suggests talking on the zmailer list.

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Renewal of expired membership fails

We looked at this script and it seems to assume that it's a new account and not a renewal of a pending account. (Insert tautological humour here :) What should happen is that if we are in renew and there is a pending file, delete the pending file and renew the account. DT has fixed this and has it working "adequately".

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Progress in Lynx

We are currently upgrading beta-lynx from 2.7 to 2.7.1ac90 so that we can fold our internationalization changes back into the mainstream lynx. Currently the strings are all ready in the new version, however Chris is still working on LY_Options, which provides a forms-based interface for individual user options.

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Report Tracking System

There are currently two databases set up: CSuite and Chebucto.
To log problems for CSuite development go to:
and for Chebucto:
Note that the usernames and passwords are the same for both. The people who currently have passwords to this system are Carrie, Chris M., DJM, Ed and Landon. The interface is optimized for Netscape at this time :-(

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Two things were decided -
  1. that we will wrap su (basically put logging on su) even though we're not sure how yet and
  2. go systat should not do df any more because that increases the load a lot.
Note: we need to decide what changes get made on Chebucto which also need to be folded into CSuite.

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