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CSuite Development Workshop - November 19, 1997

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Upstream ISP change

ISINet, the Nova Scotia consortium providing Internet access for CCN, universities, and certain other organizations, is switching its ISP contract to MT&T. Expected transfer date is November 24. Editor's Note: CCN changeover completed November 20, with some interruption the following day due to router reconfiguration.

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Majordomo Problems

Problems with moderated lists were discussed. David Potter plans to evaluate this issue on his system (as soon as CSuite is re-installed on it. :)

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Report Tracking System

Chris Travers is preparing a system of automated reports from the RTS system.

Carrie Gates is continuing to work on RTS bugs and features.

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New Server

Plans were made for another try at full installation on CCN's new server. Carrie Gates will assemble a team to meet on Saturday. Steps are:

  1. Solaris
  2. Solaris diffs
  3. Use CSuite 1.0 -
Once installed,

It was proposed that we discuss the possibility of hiring someone to drive the new server effort, working on refining and testing the system, adding the modems etc.

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.forward Reliability Problem

It was discussed that the mail system was ignoring the .forward file occasionally. Various users seem to average about one message per month placed in the original mailbox instead of being forwarded.

No explanation was reached.

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