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CSuite Development Workshop - December 3, 1997

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Technical Volunteers

The need for extending our corps of volunteers for the Technical Team was discussed. One conclusion was that we need a member who could act as a facilitator for the group, helping new members to come up to speed, and keeping in touch with the various participants and their projects. One member is considering volunteering for that role.

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Lynx Development

Chris Maxwell reported on the recent progress on Lynx. He has brought the distribution level up to release 2.7 patch level 0.97 and is merging in the internationalization at that level.

There was some discussion of the zip options, which may need clarification.

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New Server

Chris Maxwell provided a progress report on the Server installation efforts of the previous week.

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Lynx security

A Lynx security issue was discussed. Some of those present will explore it over the coming week.

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To Do List

Now that RTS is close to its working configuration, those present who had not yet set up accounts were identified and will be set up. RTS still works best with a graphical browser :-(

All members: Please identify CCN or CSuite issues and report them via RTS, at http://csuite.chebucto.ns.ca/rts/Chebucto/rts/ or http://csuite.chebucto.ns.ca/rts/CSuite/rts/, both to establish a database of problems, and to further test the RTS system.

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