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CSuite Development Workshop - January 27, 1998

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Login Report

David Potter agreed to do a new version of the login report.

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CCN Account Deletion

CCN Accounts previously marked for deletion have been processed.

The script will be installed as a weekly cron job. An additional feature to provide for immediate deletions, e.g. for disciplinary purposes, was proposed.

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Code Optimization for CSuite

First rule for optimization is:
Optimize only where it counts!
This means only when an object runs hundreds or thousands of times a day, on a recurrent basis.

Do list processing using awk/gawk, join, etc. gawk's I/O is faster than straightforward C code.

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CCN Upgrade

Apache 1.3 is a new version, also php has a new version. Each will compile OK but not together :(

Autoconf isn't setting up properly for Pine or Lqtext on Solaris, so need to generate

Alternative software: consider licensing, efficiency, portability

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csuite Backups

The csuite system is now being backed up on nightly tapes, rather than the previous Jaz disk system. This allows more files to be processed. /root, /usr, /var are included.

To avoid problems with new Chebucto Suite and Linux installations, all PERMANENT files should be removed from the CS_ROOT tree to a safe place.

On Solaris:

/root, and /usr
are vendor supplied, so it is best not to place any local files there.
/local -> /opt
all these are accepted local trees
CSuite files
These will need to be generalized a bit: under /csuite/vcn/ {info, user, etc, private } mostly on a per VCN basis, but etc will be populated with symlinks to the host CN's files, to provide the option of creating local versions as necessary. Some of the private DB files are global, so special provision needs to be made, e.g. /csuite/system/uid-list. DP will go through the system and make a list, then review it with DT.

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