CSuite Workshop - February 10, 1998

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Idle Logout Daemon

As idled seems to have been causing many users trouble doing activities they were used to, such as printing, downloading, opening news, etc. it was decided that we should try to come up with a version that checked first for output characters, and only if the system had not been sending characters to the user, then check for input characters; if neither had been seen, warn the user, and subsequently kill the session if no further input. We can't really check for further output, because the warning message would reset the output time.
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CCN Account Deletions

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Log Processing

There are several issues related to use and storage of various operation logs.

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Editing Special Files

Some special files have no defined edit process. In order to facilitate this process, a special editing script will be designed to manage this requirement.

The plan is to use a master script, with a configuration file to define relevant parameters to control usage of the command.

The configuration file would likely contain

# planned format for suedit.conf (only root writable - fix up the details :-)
# tag | path | mailto | log | userlist
suedit | ..suedit.conf | root | /root/log/suedit.log | root
money | private/../money | $TREASURER | /root/log/money.log | blaine,djm

The script would create a temporary copy of the file, with locking, run pico-p, create a diff on exit, accept a comment, send the diff and comment to the specified mailto and log file, and return the updated file to the normal location.

Example: $ sudo suedit money

To complete this we need the patches for pico -p, so the user cannot change the file name (with root privilege!) -> CG

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Halifax Update

Kassiem reported that he had succeeded in running a complete csuite install on halifax.

We need to create some test accounts and put it through its paces, although everything should be considered volatile. David Murdoch and Kassiem will run the automated test scripts.

All problems should be reported through CSuite RTS.

Chris will try to use halifax as a mail server with IMAP access to the mailbox. Performance timings are needed. An optimistic view would have us put in an MX record for chebucto to handle mail through halifax as soon as next week.

The CVS archive has been reorganized. Since our 1.0 CD image is in transit to be pressed, the 1.0 branch is now frozen. A Special CD will be burned with the 1.0 image and 1.0 CVS branch. Differences between 1.0 and 1.1 will be examined by Jamie, to make sure we don't lose anything. Changes necessary to run on Solaris will be integrated back into CVS.

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