CSuite Workshop Notes - March 3, 1998

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Server Progress

Last Saturday's mail upgrade was backed out before it was complete, due to the very great length of time the tape dump had taken. In the meantime a new disk was mounted on halifax, and a copy was successful on an NFS disk to disk basis.

This Saturday, March 7, at 9:00 AM we plan on another try! Initially, users will be prevented from logging in, logged out if necessary, and the SMTP server will be stopped so as to block incoming mail. Then the queue will drain, and the mail system will be shut down.

Then the transfer will take place, and the system reconfigured so that mail will be routed to the new server.

Terminal service to the new server is not expected to be available until after further testing.

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Terminal Server

Ed reported that the new terminal server was ready for testing on 4 lines. The previous problems with failure to logout seem to have been resolved, and connections will initially be made to chebucto, until halifax is ready for login testing.

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RTS by e-mail

A request had been made to create an e-mail interface to the Request Tracking System, so that problems could be reported to RTS using e-mail. This is especially important for testing mail issues.

It was decided that a simple-minded interface that extracted the date and subject from the message, put the rest of the message in the comment area, and defaulted the rest of the parameters would be a good level to start. The requests would be targeted to DJM for CSuite, and ccn-tech for CCN, and would be reassigned to appropriate personnel from there. Parameters would need to be adjusted by the initial recipients, and assigned as appropriate.

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Welcome Page

The welcome page script is working. It was decided to create a new "filter shell" which checked for subscription to the appropriate mailing list, "beta-shell" and if so, exec the appropriate shell script, otherwise go to the conventional CSuite shell. David Potter will continue this work and volunteers are needed to try it out.

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Debugging IPDB

Ed reported on continuing problems using the hierarchical editing structure for the editing groups. There is debug output on the add editor script, and the script often fails due to the fact that legacy IP's were not integrated into the supergroups.

Ed and the IP committee will prepare lists identifying which IP's need to have their supergroups added.

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ZModem Interruptions

The latest problems with zmodem seem to have arisen during periods of heavy usage. However, it seems that Kermit protocol lives up to its reputation of being quite reliable under conditions that other protocols cannot handle. It is suspected that zmodem is timing out due to the delays when the load average is high. It is unfortunate that many implementations of Kermit protocol are poorly optimized, [although in favourable circumstances Kermit can give zmodem a run for its money :) - ed.]

So, our recommendation at this time is to avoid downloading at prime times, but if you have to, use Kermit protocol in preference to zmodem when the system is running slowly.

ED and DP will keep an eye on this and the reputed interaction with idled.

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Other Items

It was reported that the icons which were formerly used for displaying directory listings on graphical browsers had disappeared from $CS_INFO/Icons on chebucto, halifax, dev, and csuite. Perhaps they were lost in the apache changeover from NCSA httpd. CG will investigate.

There are volunteer records accumulating in the admin area. As the volunteer committee is now regrouping, they need a method to access this information. JF will look at this.

Cobequidnet are interested in a working version of tq. DJM will expedite.

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