Chebucto Suite Workshop

April 17, 1996

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Public Access Terminal Systems (PATS)

The PATS were discussed at some length. A trouble-shooting session was scheduled for Friday April 19, at the Dartmouth Library site.

It was emphasized that all maintenance of the collection of PATS needs to be noted on the cable-pats mailing list, so that all concerned are updated. The ccn-tech mailing list automatically gets copies.

It was proposed that a common file, which could be down-loaded/updated from CCN to each PAT as needed, containing the configurations of all the PATS, along with a selector variable, would let us maintain the systems more easily than having separate files for each system.

New PAT design

It is proposed to build up a new PAT design, using Linux as operating system, with XWindows, Netscape as browser, and a secure shell, under the guest account.


Installation of software is planned for the weekend, with an assessment of progress by next Wednesday. Return to Index


The updated version of csinstall was discussed. The work is continuing. Return to Index

CGI Standards

David Trueman showed us the latest changes to the standard script design, using the search-user script (which implements go people)

This is a continuation of our process of sanitizing the scripts to support Virtual Community Networks (VCN) and distribution.


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