C-Suite Workshop Notes

June 26, 1996

This is an informal summary of the tech meeting held yesterday evening. There were many topics discussed at this meeting, so be warned that this might get a bit lengthy, and I might have missed or misunderstood a few things. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Landon Boyd.

In attendance for the meeting were: David Trueman, David Murdoch, Trent MacDougal, Gerard MacNeil, Ed Dyer, Blaine Murphy and Landon Boyd.


What should be done when something goes wrong at the PAT's? A new set of instructions is in order for PAT operators.

How are problems reported back to CCN?

Linux Things

It was decided that we will give the new Debian (1.1) a try on dist.

Should we install a new kernel on router??

It was determined that the problems with the library PAT were most likely to be related to software rather than hardware, since it seems that only certain services (eg. telnet) go down at once. However, ping always seems to work.

Suggestion: Through the two Chris's, we develop a closer relationship with the Linux User's Group.

The new Debian distribution should make it easier to get help, because most discussion on newsgroups is related to newer versions.

Charlotte's Web: Might be a good starting point for PAT development, but there are a couple of questions left unanswered:

C-Suite Development and Feedback

Shadowed passwords: At this point, it was decided that shadowed passwords should be strongly recommended to C-Suite administrators, and information should be provided as to where to get the shadow password suite, but to leave the actual implementation to the administrator.

The next stage of C-Suite development: Do we perfect what we have, or do go for increased functionality (more features)?

Should we depend more on community nets on the csuite-install list for feedback?

Suggestion: Post to csuite-dev, our plans for Alpha 4.2/Alpha 5/Beta 1, perhaps as part of the Alpha 4.1 announcement.

Alpha 4.1 was compiled yesterday with NO fatal errors. (applause)

@@@MAILING_ADDRESS@@@ variable: ready, but not completely implemented.

adm, Help, Services trees: this is an area of some confusion!

Suggestion: move Training out from under Services

Administrative Overview

The next part of the meeting was devoted to the discussion of a C-Suite functionality list. The list was made in a logical order, to be made into an HTML document. This document is now available on CCN (thanks to Ed Dyer) and can be viewed here.

People were assigned to write short paragraphs on each of the topics covered in this overview, to be seen by potential C-Suite administrators.

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