Csuite Workshop Notes 1996 March 27

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New Member

Chris Travers has joined the CSuite Workshop.

Majordomo List Management

Trent demonstrated his new Mailing List Management Forms, which are ready to go, as soon as the documentation is assembled.

  1. Mailing List Request Form
  2. Mailing List Creation Form
David Potter will take charge of documenting the use of these forms.

Comments: The empty list is set up with a target of nobody. This should be changed to the list-owner, since we know who it will be at the point of list creation.

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Yarmouth CSuite installation

David Trueman reported on plans to install CSuite on the new Yarmouth Comunity Net. Scheduling and arrangements were discussed, and David Murdoch agreed to be part of the trip to take installation notes, together with David Trueman.

Version Alpha 3 is to be prepared from the current Chebucto system, by the Distribution Team.

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Colchester Virtual Community Net

David Murdoch reported on the plans for a new Virtual Community Net in the Truro area, under the name of Colchester Community Net (! ?).

This group would have their own Home page, and info base, which initially would simply be a copy of relevant sections of the Chebucto info base. Local editors could then change the pages to suit local needs, linking to Chebucto pages as appropriat e, but the system would work from the start, even if the pages had not been converted to local content.

Provincial Content would be linked directly to Chebucto, rather than duplicate the maintenance effort.

Dan and Andrew agreed to help Blaine search out the CCN users from the Truro area to make this option available to them.

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David Trueman showed us his new CSuite Modules document, where he is pulling together a revised list of teams oriented around members' skills and interest areas.

The Modules are problem based, and will be developed in days to come.

Chris Maxwell has taken on the duties of "Postmaster" for Chebucto. He will also begin to look at issues of Multi-Lingual support.

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Beta-Lynx cut-over

After discussion, it was agreed that our Beta-Lynx would be commissioned as the standard user lynx interface on Tuesday April 2, 1996. Notice would be given in the motd, pointing users to the New Features document in the HelpDesk.

A request for final bug lists to be checked, before the cut-over, was made. Various comments were made re: ftp, upload, zipping tagged files, Gunzip, etc. Particular note was made of the "Save to disk" message, which was to be clarified in the various places it occurs.

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Welcome Page

The new welcome page (g xwelcome) was demonstrated, but more work continues to add the important new features.

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Distribution Update

Chris Maxwell reported on the evaluation the group had been making on installation tools. The Debian Linux installer seemed to have the closest match to our desired configuration management.

It was agreed that the distribution team would prepare another cut at alpha distribution, to facilitate the Yarmouth installation effort.

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