Minutes of the CCN-Technical Committee


1. Business Plan Development
   - market characterisation
   - project analysis: modules

2. Distribution

3. Batch Password Updates
0. Trent gave a status report on the tshell.
   - the far-future blackout dates bug is fixed
   - now the blackout which is issued at logout is based on the percentage
     of your current guarantee used
   - D. Potter reminded us that he is still having problems with the 
     message being cutoff intermittently on dialup connections
   - I have got a number of "0 minute" blackouts.  Maybe the message should
     be surpressed in this case

1. D. Trueman & D. Potter talked on the Business Plan Development
   Market Characterisation (in brief; a link to somewhere?)
   There are a number of main steps we need to work on over the next
   short while.  Any input that is to be forthcoming should be asap, but
   especially in the next week.
   Main items:
    - identify the products which can be revenue generating
    - who is going to buy each of these products; who is going to be the
      key decision maker in each case?
    - identify selling points for each market (ease of use, technical matters)
      (as well as possible non-selling points to clean up or develop counter
       arguments to; e.g. Windows NT.)
    - characterisation of customers in terms of size, skills, money,
      and organisational type
   Possible extentions to what was presented ("CCN Community Services")
   - troubleshooting/consulting house calls: via semi-approved independent
   - selling disk space (approved by the board already)
   - these (and some others) were put forward with the idea of working on 
     projects locally, thus developing expertise at a broader range of 
     community support skills, which might increase the marketabilty of the
     CSuite product
   - there was a comment to the effect that such initiatives need someone
     to coordinate!

2. (maybe #1 still?)
   Teams view of what we do; was to be "Modules"; read next week's minutes

   We should begin to think of ourselves as being on "teams" which have a 
   number of projects on the go, rather than being on several different

   Draft teams & project list.

Agenda for 20 March:

1. review of Teams document 2. Modules 3. Distribution 4. Batch Password Updates