Chebucto Community Net: Technical Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. Plan and design hardware and software facilities and procedures to ensure the reliable operation of the best possible system for the delivery of information and communication services to the community. On an ongoing basis, implement these facilities.
  2. Report to the Board the technical management needs of the Chebucto Community Net.
  3. Respond to the needs of the Board and its committees, providing technical solutions where possible.
  4. Be aware of the activities of others using Chebucto Community Net and proactively suggest technical solutions to their needs.
  5. Ensure procedures are established and followed to maintain system security.
  6. Monitor the activity of Chebucto Community Net and routinely report usage information, including but not limited to number of users, number of registered Information Providers, and volume of traffic. Keep the Board informed regarding future needs of the system, particularly where more than a routine expenditure will be required.
  7. Actively search, acquire and test freely distributable software that may be suitable for use on the CommunityNet.
  8. Distribute locally developed software to other CommunityNets and other interested parties.
  9. On request, and when possible, help other Community Nets (particularly those in Nova Scotia) with their technical needs.

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