Chebucto Community Net:

Member Survey

We at Chebucto Community Net are in the process of evaluating our past, present and future service. With this in mind, we are asking for the help of you, our members, in gathering information so that we can continue to serve you. From the list of completed surveys submitted, we will draw for a grand prize of a Complimentary Night For Two at The Prince George Hotel. Gift Certificate includes: Deluxe Accommodation for Two, (Room and Tax only; Subject to Availability.), as well as other prizes including a $100 Gift Basket from Halifax Gift Baskets. Thank you for your time and Good Luck!!

1. How long have you been using Chebucto Community Net?
Less than six months
Between six months and one year
Between one and two years
More then two years

2. Which description best fits your age?
Under 18
Over 55

3. What sort of package do you currently have with CCN?
Assisted (less then $20/year)
Full ($20/year)
Supporting ($50/year)
Sustaining ($100/year)
Family ($40/year)
Supporting Family ($100/year)
Sustaining Family ($200/year)

3b. Do you currently supplement your membership with a donation?

4. Which of the following statements would best describe your knowledge level with regard to the Internet and computers in general?
Basic - I've only recently become interested in either and am still learning
Moderate - I'm getting the hang of this computer stuff, but I'd still like to know more
Moderate - I've been around computers for a while now and I know as much as I need to know
Extensive - 101101110101101 (Translation - I make Gates look like an amateur)

5. What type of computer system are you using?
Pentium II/equivalent/Mac G3 or higher
Pentium/equivalent/Power Mac
486/Mac 680xx series
386/Mac Classic or lower

6. Do you currently have another Internet Service Provider?

7. If so, why and where is the other account?
It is supplied at work
It is supplied at school
In order to obtain graphical access
It was necessary for my business
I wanted better user/tech support
I subscribe to a High Speed Internet Connection (such as Mpowered)

8. How were you introduced to Chebucto Community Network?
A friend told me about it
A family member told me about it
I discovered the service online
I discovered the service at a library

9. Given the wealth of Internet options available today we would like to know why you choose to remain a Chebucto member?
I require an economical solution for my Internet needs
I require a text-based interface for my computer
I support Chebucto's community oriented focus
I have enjoyed Chebucto's service in the past and continue to do so
I am involved with a Chebucto Information Provider

** Enter Your Name and CCN Login ID Before You Submit To Be Entered In The Draw
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CCN Login ID:


Our prizes are provided compliments of local Halifax Merchants!

Questions? Send e-mail to: James Carroll

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