Introducing the Chebucto Community Net

What are Community Networks?

The convergence of telephone and computer network technologies has provided an opportunity to develop affordable, public access, community-based electronic information services (Community Networks) to meet the needs and expectations of a growing number of Nova Scotians.

The heart of a Community Network is a central computer which stores and retrieves thousands of files of community-relevant information and relays thousands of electronic messages each day among community members and organizations. Yet the soul of a Community network lies in the people who use it and who are free to create as many uses for it as their imagination will allow.

It has become expensive and inefficient for each community agency to develop and maintain its own single-offering, computer-based information service. Now groups can share one cost-effective, interactive and sophisticated computer facility. A Community Network permits each organization to have its own dedicated space on the central computer host, and to determine autonomously how this space is used. The network provides "one stop shopping" for all those seeking community information.

How May I Participate?

If any aspect of community networking appeals to you and you would like to know how you can become more involved in the development of the Chebucto Community Net, please consult the Volunteer Section.

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