Maritime Hours

The Maritime Hour that is a local community-based currency. Maritime Hours actually represent money that otherwise would not exist, and that have value only if they are spent and spent locally. Equivalent to ten Canadian dollars, the Maritime Hour is a powerful means of exchange designed to empower our local economy. Basically a barter trading note, the Maritime Hour has far more reach n direct barter because it is used within a large local network of people offering and requesting products and services. The spendability of Hours, in real terms, increases as the size of the barter network expands. As a greater number of people and businesses trade in Hours, the more valuable t hey become to the community overall.

Local currency provides a means of exchange based on a belief and trust in ourselves and in our community. We can realize our abundant wealth. Local Money Stays Local.

Local currency can shift people's buying habits toward local spending. Each time an Hour changes hands it adds that much more value to the local economy. It keeps our wealth recycling within our community. In Ithaca, New York, there is an Hour-style currency which has added hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Ithaca economy in the two years since its inception. to RATNA HOME PAGE