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  1. To see your Little Brother or Sister once a week for 3 to 4 hours.
  2. To set a good example.
  3. To notify the Little Brother or Sister ahead of time if you're going to be late or are going to miss a date.
  4. For the first while a phone call in between outings to reassure your Little Brother or Sister that you will be seeing him or her this week as planned.
  5. To keep in regular contact with the agency.

How many months or years should a big commit to the relationship?

This varies from agency to agency. The average minimum is one year.

Do bigs assume any financial or legal obligation?

Volunteers are expected to be responsible and careful when sharing activities with their young friends so that potentially dangerous or hurtful situations are avoided.

Some incidental costs may be incurred on outings, but volunteers are not expected to spend a lot of money on the child. Remember buddies don't buy friendship.