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and for the general use of Citizens and Groups everywhere.   


MAI- Flora.org site [Canada] 
http://www.flora.org/mai-not/ or 

The MAI-Not! Project, sponsored by the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) is part of a growing international movement to stop the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). 

What can we do? Their suggested strategy begins with  meeting your MP and offers a kit. See also:

* MAI-library - with best compilation of papers and articles available anywhere on the net. Also contains a host of MAI links to many websites  http://www.flora.org/mai-not/library/   


National Centre for Sustainability- [MAI Information Centre] 
Site Contents:

  • Action Alert International Week of Action (Feb 7-17th
  • MAI Draft Text (Texte d'AMI), 06-Oct-1997, is available here in HTML format and plain text (en Francais aussi)
  • News and latest additions
  • An Overview ... on the MAI and the issues, sufficient for the development of an informed opinion
  • A History
  • Pros and Cons: articles ... and recent media releases
  • Campaigns: by the MAI's proponents and opponents around the world
  • Viewpoints: - A collection of quotes and articles concerning the MAI
  • Context: - Recent events worldwide related to globalization, free trade, and investment agreements
  • Links: - Relevant sites and references available on the web 
  • Updates: - Recent developments in the debate over, and status of, the MAI
  • Resources, which include: texts of sample letters, names and addresses of representatives in parliament; and addresses of media across the country


Barry Appleton's MAI Website Homepage 
Appleton & Associates International Lawyers  have created this site to provide information to the public about the meaning of the MAI, international trade and investment law. It provides documents on several subject areas including: 
Municipalities and the MAI by  Barry Appleton  LL.B., LL.M. 
Appleton & Associates International Lawyers 
The same document in email format is at  http://news.flora.org/flora.mai-not/2410   

The MAI and Canada's Health and Social Service System 
A Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health December 4, 1997 by  Barry Appleton LL.B., LL.M. 

Comparing NAFTA & the MAI by  Barry Appleton LL,B., LL.M. 

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives 

CCPA News!

  • 1) Rethinking the Social Union
  • 2) MAI Presentation to the House of Commons Committee on Trade and Investment
  • 3) Tech High: Globalization and the Future of Canadian Education 
  • 4) Protecting Public Pensions
  • 5) What To Do About Globalization
  • 6) CCPA Education Project-tracking impact of globalization on public education. Contact them also to purchase Tony Clarke's book "Silent Coup, Confronting the Big Business Take Over of Canada" and Marita Moll's book Tech High:Globalization and the Future of Canadian Education and for a copy of the "The Alternative Federal Budget 1998". 

Canadian Conference of the Arts  (CCA) 
A paper commissioned by the CCA, by Garry Neil on the effect of the MAI on the cultural sector 

The position of the CCA was presented by CCA National
Director, Keith Kelly, to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade on November 20, 1997

The CCA  Internet based discussion forum: 
"We welcome your comments and questions in this Discussion Group on both of these (MAI) papers and on any other aspects of the MAI as it relates to culture." 

Canadian Citizen's Against Free Trade: Home Page: 
Article by David Orchard: Son of NAFTA: the Multilateral Agreement on Investment 

Canadian Environmental Law Association 
Website: on  Trade and Environment 
Two major papers on the MAI:  CELA Brief on Environmental Aspects of the MAI and The MAI in CANADA: Economic De-regulation Round Four 

Canadian Labor Congress: Home page 
Short Statement on disadvantages of MAI for workers 
CLC- Hot Issues MAI- 
1)The Multilateral Agreement On Investment-A Preliminary, Critical Analysis 
Council of Canadians:(COC) MAI Page 
Contains COC Ad;  Fact Sheets  on the MAI and our culture, our environment  our jobs,  our social programs,  our society,  our sovereignty; Message from the  Chair  Maude Barlow Press releases on MAI; Barry Appleton's legal opinion;   Joint NGO   Statement on the MAI to OECD; List of reservations files by all  OECD countries; Full text of the MAI; Analysis of MAI by Tony Clarke; MAI  links to Barry Appleton & Associates and Corporate Observatory Europe - MAIGALOMANIA page etc. 

COC's Global Links
Sites of other  Progressive Groups, Alternative and Progressive MediaSites, and useful information resources 

The Sierra Club: 
MAI Documents Online:

  • MAI and the Environment: Factsheet 
  • Sierra Club of Canada's Brief on the MAI 

Sierra Club of Canada 
Presentation to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and 
International Trade Sub-committee on Trade, Trade Disputes and Investment.   November 18, 1997,  Ottawa.  Presented by Robin Round International Financial Institutions  and Trade Coalitions Coordinator 

Sierra Club Brief : Appendix 1: 
Appendix 1 to the Presentation to the Standing Committee 
Joint NGO Statement on the Multilateral Agreement on 
Investment (MAI):    NGO/OECD  Consultation on the MAI 
Paris:  27 October, 1997 ( Revised November 7, 1997 ) 
Sierra Club Brief  Appendix 2 
The  MAI'S Environmental Protection is Inadequate. 

BC MAI Information Web.  (private citizens site) 
Offers  an introduction to the MAI agreement; articles that explain how the MAI threatens:

  • Sovereignity
  • Job Security
  • Environment 
  • Culture
  • Health Care
  • Social Programs
  • Labour Standards
  • Small BusinessCommunities
  • Our Society
  • Human Rights
Some highlights of the agreement such as national, treatment, standstill and rollback; what is  being done across the country - BC and PEI Provincial Governments, Council of Canadians, Defense of Canadian Liberty Committee etc.

CBC National Website on Free Trade and MAI- 
Overview of  [Free Trade: 10 Years Later] 
On The National Magazine: Wednesday, December 10, 1997 
Links to websites of a  number of  groups of  both proponents like the OECD, and Government of Canada. .as well as numerous concerned groups. In addition there is a site to register for a discussion group started by a National website visitor. 

Parliamentary Hearings - Presentations: 
Government website providing transcripts of the Parliamentary Hearings of the Sub-Committee on International Trade,Trade 
Disputes and Investment. 
Parliamentary Hearings 
Recommendations of the Sub-Committee: 
Members of the All Party Committee : 

NDP Website - NDP Minority Report on MAI 
For Immediate Release December 11, 1997 

NDP Media Releases Related to MAI 
MAI related media releases from their selected listing of media releases from Alexa    McDonough, Leader, Canada's New Democratic Party  and by the Federal New   Democrats. 

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Boston Area MAI Action Groups  
Group of committed citizens organized to fight the OECD's Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), a treaty which grants broad rights to transnational corporations at the expense of local governments and people.  
Organized and run a highly successful conference at Boston College on May 31, 1997. Now planning further strategy and actions. Contents include  

  • News Flashes
  • Conference Reports
  • Sponsors
  • Fundraising
  • MAI background
  • MAI Links
  • Allied groups
Citizen's Democratic Watch:  
Site contains:  
"MAI? No thanks...!" On-Line Library * Authors' Index  
Part 1: article index (in alphabetical order by last name)  
Part 2: links to other websites  
For the full text of MAI doc. Oct 1997 click here  

People Centered Development Forum.  
Many excellent papers which provide a context for the MAI_ i.e. "Globalization "  and the problems thereof as well as solutions from an interconnected perspective by David C Korton , author of "When Corporations Rule the World"  

Public Citizen  The Global Trade Watch  
Homepage indexes among other things:  NAFTA, analysis of MAI fasttrack, polls, contacting MAI negotiators, publications and additional resources among other things.  
Summary of testimony of Lori Wallach, Thursday, March 5, 1998 to US congressional hearing on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI).  
The complete 36KB text is available at:  
Lori Wallach is the director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch.  

Preamble Collaborative  
*Projects: Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI): Preamble's home page on the MAI agreement.  
*Publications: reports and articles written by Preamble's staff  

Preamble Collaborative's Home Page on MAI:  
Includes five articles on  
*"Writing the Constitution of a Single Global Economy : A Concise Guide to the MAI ":   An overview of the history, provisions and  possible impact  of a sweeping new  international economic agreement currently under  negotiation the MAI could be before the U.S. Congress within a year.  
By  Michelle  Sforza-Roderick, Scott  Nova and Dr. Mark Weisbrot,Preamble   Staff.  *" The Multilateral Agreement on Investment: Basic Facts  "  * "Globalization, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, and the   Increasing   Economic  Marginalization of Women: "  * "The principles  embodied in the MAI will   make it more difficult for nations and international bodies to address the increasing   impoverishment of women and  children, especially in the Third World.  
* The MAI in   the Words of Framers, Proponents and Opponents : A compilation  of   notable  quotes on the MAI  

Western Governor's Association:(WGA)  
Established in 1984, the Western Governors' Association is anindependent, non-partisan organization of governors from 18 western states, two Pacific-flag territories and one commonwealth.  
WGA - MAI Report  
The WGA's policy paper "Multilateral Agreement on Investment: Potential Effects on State & Local Government is a 47 pagedocument examining implications for state  sovereignty of the MAI in order to to recommend action for  governors,  to aid in dialogue occuring between the federal government and the states on the MAI and to satisfy Federal governments request to the States for information on laws that the MAI may impact. It is a comprehensive report provided in 6 sections the fourth of which examines  the potential MAI effects on state governments under the following headings  
A. Economic Regulation,  
B. Land Use and Environment  
C. Economic Development  
D. Enforcement and State Sovereignty, and  
Addressing State Interests in the MAI.  Other sections describe the background, describe the MAI, and make recommendations for Governor's.  

The press release announcing the report is at:  
The Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC)  
The Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC) is a private non-profit research and analysis policy institute located in Albuquerque and Silver City, NM. Founded in 1979, the IRC produces books, policy reports, and periodicals on U.S. foreign policy and borderlands issues.  

Friends of the Earth  
The OECD Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI):  
Ten Reasons to be Concerned about the MAI.  

Information Habitat:  
Information on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment -  
links to about  six other sites including Panel Discussion NY -Dec1997,  OECD, Preamble Center, Pubic Citizen's Global Trade Watch, Friends of   the Earth, Global Policy Forum and  MAI Conference Southern Methodist  University.  

On-line Seminar in Sustainable Economics@csf sponsored by the Sustainable Economics list serve:  
The Multilateral Agreement on Investment and Sustainability  
Fast-track Negotiating / Preservation of Environmental Rights  
Transnational Corporation Accountability /  Sustainable Justice September 29-October 10, 1997 [ Upwards of 18 papers by authors well-known in the field]  

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The OECD Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)  
Oxfam UK and Ireland Briefing Paper, October 1997  
Executive Summary  
"This briefing paper explains why Oxfam believes that the draft MAI falls far short of establishing a fair framework of rules governing international investment. "  

News Release 08 October 1997  
OXFAM Urges government to act on "carte blanche" agreement for multinational corporations.  

Background Briefing Note, January 1998  
Will the MAI affect Developing Countries? By Nick Mabey  
NGOs have raised particular concerns with how the MAI may impact developing  countries. These focus around four main themes:  
* the exclusion of developing countries from the negotiations;  
* the impact of MAI liberalisation rules on their ability to develop;  
* the impact of MAI rules on regulation of employment and the environment;  
* the increased power the MAI will give to multinationals in developing economies.  

UK GREEN PARTY SITE- From Peter Goodwin  
It's within the pages of the  North-East (of England) Green Party and the URL to get into the  MAI section is:  
Although the developer has  been giving it a 'local' emphasis, material  onit applies globally, and will be further developed.  

The RISC (Reading International Solidarity Centre) United Kingdom  
This group in the UK has a new page devoted to the  MAI_  
Germanwatch and WEED  
Germanwatch and WEED  started a joint campaign (most of the material is in German): [Keinen Freibrief fuer Multis !  Germanwatch und WEED  starten Kampagne zum Multilateralen Investitionsabkommen (MAI)} Links to a few other well-known sites as well as postings of  press release in German and on the German NGO  campaign. .  

ANPED, The Northern Alliance for Sustainability  
The Netherlands  
e-mail: anped@antenna.nl  

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC):  Radio National Interview (from Web) ABC "Background Briefing" of 30th November.  
Transcript at http://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/bbing/bb971130.htm or  
It ends with this quote from:  
Steve Canner,  US Council for International Business  
" But governments come and governments go. And governments can change their minds. That's why we need a set of rules that will bind governments  to levels of behaviour."  

Global Web Builder's Site:  
News of the Day:  Today's Headlines - Australia's first daily  
Internet newspaper. Since October 1995  
The original, official Australian FSIA, MAI and Soros expose web page  
What our politicians say:  
Links to: * the FSIA with quotable quotes *the MAI with quotable quotes  
*George Soros * Related Links * Sign the Petition against MAI  
* Pauline, the Hanson Phenomenon  
Research by Global Web Builders on behalf of Pauline Hanson ,controversial independent Australian federal MP, opposed to the MAI.  


New Zealand MAI Information Centre  
Provides an overview, which presents  in concise form backgroundinformation  on the MAI and the issues,  sufficient for the developmentof an informed opinion;  and in more depth: Includes Chapters on  The Facts , Pro & Contra , Strategies  Brief Introduction for New Zealanders , Other Strategies - Campaigns occuring  worldwide. Also MAI from  
people around the world;  The MAI in Context -  Recent   events worldwide related to globalization, free trade, and investment agreements; and   finally,  Links - Relevant sites and references available on  the web.  & BBooks available  
on MAI and Globalisation. Other subjects as well.  
stu@ihug.co.nz , MAI-not list serve particpant, is building a web site, specifically to collect NZ related material on the MAI. He has permission for the "Listener"  articles, and other things, and it will grow as he finds the  time.  
David Wardley's Page -  
Grey Power NZ Page  
http://www.greypower.co.nz/  [ Some articles and links]  
NZ Alliance Party MAI Page -  
http://www.alliance.org.nz/releases/mai.htm  [ Press releases,  
information and links]  
Dunedin Methodist Church JPIC -  
[ Letters to MPs ]  
Patrick Dunford's Pages -  
http://www.caverock.net.nz/~pdunford/politics/ [ Links to all the above and related internation sites, related issues and some information.]  

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WWW.ONE WORLD http://www.oneworld.org/  
WWW.ONEWORLD http://www.oneworld.org/guides/MAI/front.html  
Includes links to MAI-NO Thanks library; COC full page ad; MAI Information  Centre (NSFS website); MAI:Rights without Responsibilities-Critical Analysis  from Martin Kohr's Third World Network; Don't believe all  you read- the OCED's  own website.  

Peoples Global Action against free trade and the WTO(PGA).  
A global coalition of activists and revolutionarys from all over the world.  
E-mails to playfair@asta.rwth-aachen.de  
English Version Home page  
Index: what is PGA ? *  the manifesto*  publications & information tools  
*  conference, * timetable, * round tables, *  application form *  mailing lists . No Links listed yet -(December 1997)  
Addition Feb 14, 1997  
URL: http://www.agp.org/index2.html  
They have info about the recent World Economic Forum  at Davos.  
For more information about Peoples' Global Action Against "Free" Trade and the World Trade Organisation (PGA) and its first worldwide conference please contact:    Secretariat: kmp@info.com.ph  
Third World Network:  
The Third World Network is an independent non-profit international network of  hundreds of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to  development, the Third World and North- South issues.  
Visit the Third World Network to see how the rest of  the world views the MAI, IMF and globalization at: There are many hours of reading posted here by informed authors like Martin Kohr, Director of the Third World Network and Vandana Shiva, well-known human rights and environmental activist, Director, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology. 

A critical analysis of the proposed investment treaty in WTO  by Bhagirath Lal Das  

Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and  International Trade:  
*Forreign investment: an engine for jobs and growth  
*The need for a Multilateral Agreement on Investment  
*Canada's investment agreements and negotiations  
* Facts on the MAI *Road to negotiations * Consultations with Canadians  
* Participating countries *Notes for an address by the Honourable Sergio Marchi, Minister for International Trade, to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International  Trade  
* Site of Department of Foreign Affairs and International and Trade- December 1996  
Canadian Government  
MAI Text  
            . .   
Canadian Government's NAFTA webpage  
NAFTA Text and links to Committee and Working Groups terms of reference, high lights and reports.  
Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development [OECD] Website:  
The Multilateral Agreement on Investment  Frequently asked  
questions and answers  

OECD MAI Website Homepage:  
Includes following subjects:  
* Ministerial Statement on the MAI [egalement disponible en Francais ]  
May 1997 Report to the OECD Council at Ministerial level [egalement disponible en Francais ] * The original mandate * Frequently asked questions and answers [egalement disponible en   Francais ]  
* Briefing for non-OECD countries (September 1997)   * Recent seminars on the MAI The seminars and papers presented are:  

Cairo, October 1997  
The OECD and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs organised a Symposium on the MAI which was held in Cairo, Egypt on 20-21 October 1997. The following papers were presented:  
1. H.E. Mr Amre Moussa (Egypt): Opening address  
2. Ms Joanna R. Shelton (OECD): Keynote address  
3. Dr William Witherell (OECD): Foreign Direct Investment Trends  
4. Ambassador Marino Baldi (Switzerland): Dispute settlement  
5. Mr Adrian Otten (WTO): The benefits of Foreign Direct Investment  
6. M. Olivier Ferrand (France): Champ d'application et definitions de l'AMI  
7. Dr Joachim Karl (Germany): Protection of investors and investment  
8. Mr Huh, Hoh-Choong (Korea): Privatisation and monopolies  
9. Ambassador Kjell Lillerud (Norway): The OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises  
10. Ms Enery Quinones (OECD): Temporary stay and work of investors and key personnel  
11. Mr Marinus Sikkel (Netherlands): Exceptions, derogations and national reservations  
12. Mr Nick Griffiths (United Kingdom): Institutional issues and accession to the MAI  

Paris, September 1997  
The following papers were presented at the Special Session on the MAI held in Paris on 17 September 1997.  
1. Mr Ricardo Guerra de Araujo (Brazil): Opening address  
2. Ambassador Alan P. Larson (United States): State of Play of MAI Negotiations  
3. Mr Anders Ahnlid (Sweden): New Disciplines  
4. Ms Jo Brooks (United States): Performance requirements  
5. Mr Charles Bridge (United Kingdom): The OECD Guidelines and the MAI  
6. Mr W.A. Dymond (Canada): The Main Substantive Provisions of the MAI **  
7. M. Xavier Musca (France): Scope of the MAI  
8. Mrs Diana Padt (Netherlands): Dispute settlement  
9. Ambassador Marino Baldi (Switzerland): Dispute settlement  

OECD Website  
The Main Substantive Provisions of the MAI by  W.A. Dymond, Chief Negotiator for Canada,  MAI briefing for non-OECD countries 7 September 1997 - Paris, France  

OECD Newsletter:  
OECD Letter, Vol.5/6, July 1996  
Intergovernmental Agreements: OECD Ministers Urge Strengthening of Open Multilateral System is one of five items in the newsletter  
United States Trade Representative  Website:  
Whitehouse Fast Track:  

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