To the Volunteer and Community Development Sector

Of Nova Scotia

A Request for Comment1

We believe that one of the greatest drains on volunteer energy and resources at the community level is the huge effort needed to obtain essential information for effective planning and action. We have prepared a proposal to establish a Community Resource Centre to address this issue but we need to know from volunteer and community groups and from providers of services to these groups:


Is this proposed Centre needed? YES_____ NO _____

Do you think it would be feasible? YES_____ NO _____

Can it be made sustainable? YES_____ NO _____

What ideas do you have that would help shape the vehicle to meet the needs? (Attach your comments and ideas)


The Centre, if created, would be a vehicle to help active volunteer agencies and communities to:

Responding to assessments of need, we are outlining a strategy to create an independent Community Resource Centre (CRC) designed to support and stimulate capacity building in volunteer and community-based development activities and to advance the overall field of community development in Nova Scotia. We are asking you to read and comment on the attached Draft Strategic Plan which, in summary, proposes as follows


Mandate: - The Community Resource Centre (CRC) would serve as a broker between volunteer and community users and service providers.

Governance: - The Centre would be a non-profit agency run by users and providers of information and services not by government

Operation and Means of Financing: - The Centre would have a small staff, located in a place to be determined providing voice and electronic information. It would be financed through memberships, service fees, foundation and corporate donations and government grants declining to inconsequential over four years.

Comments would assist in deciding whether to proceed, in reworking the strategy and in drafting the business plan. When this work has been completed users and providers from across the province would be invited to participate in working sessions to finalize a business plan and lay plans for effective governance.

Comment and suggestions would be welcome on the web site or by fax to (902) 893-7962 or by e-mail to:

Deadline for comments: Friday August 6th, 1999, 2:00 pm

Read the Proposal

1 Volunteer Board appointed to examine need and strategy for support to community capacity building