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References and Bibliography  

This bibliography provides comprehensive references on systemics, whole system change, cybernetics, chaos theory, systems thinking. 

Whole Systems Change  
ISSS Wholeness Seminar 
The bibliography for the site contains many classics in systems theory.  Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Systems Thinking Chaos Theory Network (ASCD STCT): Partially annotated bibliography on Systems and Chaos theory related books. Posted with the permission of the ASCD STCT network from Newsletter issues Vol I No. 4 and vol. II No. 4. 
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Systems Thinking Chaos Theory Network (ASCD STCT).  

Systems Bibliography 
A personal selection of books. Some are classics of systems writing, others may become so. Criteria for inclusion - informative, interesting, and understandable by someone without a degree in engineering. 

Systems Thinking Resources and Bibliography  

A Systemic Literature Review List 
Actually a short list on systems thinking from Main Line.  

Principia Cybernetica Web  
Extensive bibliography of basic papers on Cybernetics and Systems Science from a list of references used for the course SS-501, INTRODUCTION TO SYSTEMS SCIENCE, at the Systems Science Department of SUNY Binghamton in 1990. 
Classic Publications on Complex, Evolving  Systems which selects the  most cited publications on complex, evolving systems, including work in cybernetics, systems theory, evolutionary biology, self-organization, and complexity studies.  Compared to the books and papers on cybernetics and systems, the following list is more up-to-date, puts more emphasis on evolution and self-organization, and includes a  number of works which are not usually classified under cybernetics or systems theory. 

ELISABET SAHTOURIS-Bibliography of her book:   
Earth Dance: Living Systems in Evolution - 
Provides a very comprehensive bibliography. 

Marvin Weisbord Home Page Bookshelf 
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Journals /Periodicals/ Digests  In Cybernetics, Systems Science, Human Consciousness And Systemic Change Movements  

Cybernetics and Systems Theory Journals 

Provides an alphabetical list of journals (and newsletters) on, or related to, cybernetics and systems research. Some of the addresses may no longer be up to date, though most material is fairly recent. Please send a note to or annotate this page if you would like to make an addition or correction. See also the list of cybernetics journals from the SAC, and ASSA's list of Systems Journals. 

Periodical Links from Whole Systems Website 

      Whole Earth Review (50+) 
      The Futurist 
      Cybernetics and Systems 
      The Systems Thinker 
      Popular Science
The Systems Thinker  
Popular journal from Pegasus Communications- which offers insights to managers in all domains. 

TRANET-  A Digest of the A&T (Alternative and Transformational) movements. 
TRANET is a transnational network of organizations and individuals creating the new social paradigm. ...From the new worldview through the design of  new social institutions to new technologies, techniques and lifestyles, TRANET members help create, expose and promote the new culture which we require for sustainable survival. TRANET's bi-monthly newsletter-directory is a compendium of abstracts from over 1000 publications, papers, projects and people who are active in the  Gaian Cultural Transition. 

Context Institute: "A Quarterly of Humane Sustainable Culture".  
In print from 1983 to 1995 and now continuing on the following website. 
IN CONTEXT's whole-system and solution-oriented approach is essentially unique. The journal explores and clarifies what humane sustainable culture is and provides information, hope, and inspiration supportive of fundamental cultural change. Each issue offers a series of articles and inter- views, from contributors around the world, integrated around a central theme. Subjects have included sustainable habitat, the family, citizen diplomacy, education, political participation, and strategies for cultural transformation - always integrating the societal and the environmental, and keeping a strong focus on demonstrated solutions. 

The Utne Reader:  
A magazine with stories of people have found ways to lead integrated lives, with reports of successful solutions to difficult social problems and interviews with visionaries and leading thinkers. --Adapted from the Utne website-- 

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Links To Books of Systemic Thinkers  

Whole Systems: 
Whole Systems:[Subset of the world transformation website in section 1 of website]. Books listed include:  Kevin Kelly: "Out of Control";  Peter M. Senge:  "The Fifth Discipline" ; Buckminster Fuller: "Critical Path"; Buckminster Fuller:  "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth"; Joel Arthur Barker: "Paradigms";Jose Arguelles: "Earth Ascending"; Michael Talbot: "The Holographic Universe";David Bohm: "Wholeness and the Implicate Order"; Alfred Korzybsky: "Science and Sanity";  Tara Singh: "The Future of Mankind";  Peter Drucker: "Post-Capitalist Society"; Ken Wilber: "No Boundary"; Fritjof Capra: "The Tao of Physics";  Charles Hampden-Turner: "Maps of the Mind" Creating a New Civilization - book by Alvin and Heidi Toffler.; Daniel Quinn: Ishmael. 

Futures References: World Futures Society: 
The Website has useful sections on their journal Future Watch, current content, past issues, book reviews, and books available in their bookstore, as well as predictions of trends and innovations which will shape the future. 

World Futures Society Books on Public Policy 
 Reviews  six books on political change and public policy including 
The Careless Society:Community and Its Counterfeits by John McKnight.Basic Books. 1995. 208 pages. Paperback.; 
Challenges and Opportunities:  From Now to 2001 edited by Howard F. Didsbury Jr. WFS. 1986. 320 pages. Paperback.; 
Changing Maps:  Governing in a World of Rapid Change by Steven A. Rosell et al. Carleton University Press. 1995. 253 pages. Paperback.; 
Requiem for Modern Politics: The Tragedy of the Enlightenment and the Challenge of the New  Millennium by William Ophuls .Westview Press. 1997. 320 pages; 
Social Welfare: Structure and Practice by David Macarov.Sage. 1995. 325 pages. Paperback. 

World Future Society  New Book Reviews-  
World Future Society  Book Reviews on Creative Thinking   
World Future Society Books on  Management   
World Future Society - Environment and Resources  
World Future Society - Education and the Future  
World Futures Back Issues -Contents-  

References On Learning Organizations Learning Organization [LO} HomePage: 

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Human Consciousness Research  

Dynamically Psychology : An International, Interdisciplinary Journal of Complex Mental Processes 
Some papers available for downloading. Dynamical Psychology is a journal for the study of complex mental processes of all kindsconcerned with  .....a variety of perspectives on psychological process,  including cognitive, behavioral, nonlinear-science, physics-oriented, sociological, phenomenological, and transpersonal.  The journal is committed to using innovative ideas to understand the mind as a whole, bridging the artificial separations which currently exist between disciplines and subdisciplines. --Adapted from the above website-- 

Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Books , Research Papers , Journal  

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Institute for the Study of Civic Values Website Books reviewed:  

World Future Society Books :  


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Systemic Change - Restructuring in Education:    
Public School Restructuring : a comprehensive  bibliography from Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University  

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Health and Wellness Sites  

WorldWise Wellness Site 

Wellness Article Index 
An index of over 42 articles /papers on various approaches to achieving wellness including -yoga, massage, breathing techniques, shiatsu, reflexology, back injury, acupuncture, health, community and environment issues as well as a number of interviews with practitioners. Also over thirty articles from the Baltimore Resources 9th Annual Guide to Whole Living and the Index to the Voice of Women's website of articles. 
New Medicine Audio and Videotape Series: Wellness Audiotapes:  

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Ecological Sustainability  

Starfish: Educational Resources for Sustain ability 
Contains approx. 500 book references, 500 articles/papers, and  250 references to videos, chapter excerpts, etc.  

Comprehensive number of "eco"books with useful reviews which provide a broad background and several substantive quotes from the book. Books like Hawken's "Ecology of Commerce",  Schumacher's "Small is Beautiful" Norber-Hodges "Learning from Ladakh" . 

Guide to Environmental Resources on the Internet  

EnviroLink Library, is the most comprehensive resource of  environmental information available on the internet. We've reorganized The EnviroLink Library to make information easier for you to access,  interact with and use. Information is grouped under subjects within each main area of the Library. 

Envirolinks listing of Environmental Organizations -World Wide 
Very Extensive listing of Environmental Organizations with links to nearly all of them. 

Fritjof Capra - Publications: Books, Journal Articles, Elmwood Dialogues  
Selected publications: 
"The Tao of Physics," London 1975 
"The Turning Point," New York 1981 
"Uncommon Wisdom," New York 1988 
New Medicine Audio and Videotape Series: Highlights from the Earth Summit Rio- 

Audiotapes of presentations by VP Al Gore, David Suzuki, Dr. Helen 
Caldicott, Jacques Cousteau, and the Dalai lama.(with short reviews of each) Planetwork: 

Audiotape presentations by Angeles Arrien, Daniel Goleman, Hazel Henderson,  Helena Norberg -Hodge, Joan Halifax, Joanna Macy, Joseph Goldsmith, Riane Eisler, Rusty Schweikert, Peter Russel and a host of others- (with short reviews of each). 

List of Publications from website of Tobias C. Brown  
List from Tobias Brown's site: 

    Henry Clay as Speaker of the House. New England Magazine (1892). 
    Speaker of the House of Representatives (1898). 
    New state, group organization the solution of popular governance (1918). 
    Community is a Process. Philosophical Review (1919), 28(6), p. 578-588. 
    Creative Experience (1924). 
Mary Parker Follett  
Mary Parker Follett:Prophet of Management: A Celebration of Writings from the 1920s. Edited by Pauline Graham Preface by Rosabeth Moss Kanter 

Book Review: Mary Parker Follett: Prophet of Management - First Quarter,   
1996. Mary Parker Follett: Prophet of Management edited by Pauline Graham  (309 pages, Harvard Business School Press, $29.95)   

Mary Parker Follett - Mary Parker Follett 1868 - 1933 Leadership Thinker Ahead of Her Time. Mary Parker Follett was ahead of her time. She was believed to be the first American. 

Mary Parker Follett - Prophet of Management: a Celebration of Writings from the 1920s, edited by Pauline Graham 06/Mary_a_prophet_of_manageme 

New World Views 
Towards A  New World View: At The Leading Edge is a book of interviews by DiCarlo  with many of the leading cutting edge systemic thinkers on the planet- many of the names cited in this website including Willis Harman, Richard Tarnas, Peter Senge, Peter Russel, Hazel  Henderson are just a few of these. 

Ralph Abraham    
Ralph Abraham has been professor of mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley, Columbia and Princeton, and the University of California at Santa Cruz, for 35 years altogether. He has been a pioneer of 
chaos theory and its applications to the sciences, and founded a graduate program of computational mathematics at UC santa cruz in the 1980s. 

Since then he has written extensively on the cultural history of math and chaos theory. He is the author or coauthor of five texts of advanced mathematics, the cultural history "Chaos, Gaia & Eros", the "Web  
Empowerment Book" about the world-wide web, and "Trialogues at the Edge of the West" with Rupert Sheldrake and Terence Mckenna. He is  presently at work on a massive project, involving several books, cd-roms, and  world-wide websites, devoted to Euclid's elements. 

Books by Ralph Abraham: 

   * "Foundations of Mechanics", Second Edition 
     (with J. Marsden), Addison-Wesley, Reading, 1979.  
   * "On Morphodynamics"   
     Aerial, Santa Cruz, 1985.  
   * "Complex Dynamics"   
     Aerial, Santa Cruz, 1991.  
   * "A Visual Introduction to Dynamical Systems Theory for Psychology 
     (with Fred Abraham and Chris Shaw), Aerial Press, Santa Cruz, 1991.  
   * "Trialogues on the Edge of the West"   
     (with Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake), Bear, Santa Fe, 1992.  
   * "Dynamics, The Geometry of Behavior", Second Edition  
     (with C. Shaw), Addison-Wesley, Reading, 1992.  


   * "Chaos, Gaia, Eros"  
     Harper and Row, San Francisco, Nov. 1994.  
   * "Evolutionary Mind"   
     (with Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake), in press.  


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Organizational Change and Learning  
Mediagraphy with links to summaries Peter Senge, leading writer in the area of building learning organizations, says in the introduction to The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, that it is the product of "the experimentation, research, writing, and invention of hundreds of people. " In this mediagraphy we have chosen only a few to represent this growing field.--Adapted from the LO Home Page--- 
SLOW - Stanford Learning Org Website:  
Large number of  selected books under following headings: Basic Introduction;  Recent Advanced Reading;  Transformative Learning;  Knowledge Creation;  Complexity Theory (Introductory);  Direct References to the Learning Organization; Related to the Learning Organization; Selected Books by Chris Argyris Other Stimulating Reading.--Adapted from the SLOW Website-- 


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