Well-known Systemic Thinkers:  
Articles, Interviews with and Other Informative Links  

This section of the website provides links to: interviews, articles and other writings profiles and book reviews of  well-known individuals whose thinking is informed by a systemic, holistic, or integrated perspective .  

Sites with Groups of  Systemic Thinkers: Interviews and Profiles
Sites on Individual System Thinkers : Writings and Profiles
Sites with Groups of Systemic Thinkers: Interviews and Profiles 
Interviewer Scott London for (Insight Outlook Program) (How to order tapes of interviews) (Transcripts) 

These interviews are of a high quality with an interviewer who definitely has a Systemic view and understanding.  It is interesting to note that there is also an interview with Robert Theobald in this series. The interview with ELizabet Sahtouris is highly recommended as well as following through with the links to her website which provides her entire book "Earth Dance: 

Margaret Wheatley: with Scott London 

Robert Theoblald:  

Elizabeth Sahtouris: 

Marianne Williamson:   

John Ralston Saul:  (John Ralston Saul)   
Interviews with People Who Make a Difference with Daniel Redwood, D.C. 
Interviews with people who make a difference including Marilyn Ferguson, Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Stan Grof, and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross from the Health World Website 

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Sites On Individual System Thinkers : Writings and Profiles

A series of on-line Interviews with people interviewed in Epic Publishing Book "Towards a New World View" 

    On-line interviews from this book available - include: 
    Dr. Larry Dossey- New world views in Health
    Dr. Stephen Covery,  George Leonard New Views in Human Potential  
    Carolyn Myss - New Views in Medicine Article by the author on "New Views in the Workplace : A full Spectrum Approach to Empowerment"


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Websites Profiling a Number of Individuals    

From Whole Systems website, Subsection of World Transformation 
This website provides either profiles and or book reviews of  the following individuals: 
Buckminster Fuller - "Spaceship Earth", 
Gregory Bateson - "Ecology of Mind". 
Arthur Koestler - "Holarchies of nature", 
Karl Popper - "Open Society", 
Ludwig von Bertalanffy - "General Systems Theory", 
Alfred Korzybsky -  "General Semantics" ; 
Barbara Marx Hubbard - Foundation for Conscious Evolution 
Rupert Sheldrake - "Morphogenic fields"; 
David Bohm - "Holographic physics" 
Edward Deming - "Total Quality"; 
Peter M. Senge - "The Learning Organization"; 
Tony Buzan - (50+) "Mind Maps, memory"; 
Jean Houston - (10+) "Waking World. Mystery School."; 
Jessica Lipnack & Jeffrey Stamps - (50+) Networking 
Alan Watts (10+); 
Edward de Bono; 
Jack Sarfatti - (100+) New physics and consciousness, post-modernism; Jay Forrester - (20+) System Dynamics;  
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; 
Stafford Beer and more 

Utne Visionaris 
This site the Utne Index provides 120 Short Profiles of  leading visionaries and Thinkers like:  [President Vaclev Havel, Riane Esiler, Amitai Etzioni, Theo Colburn, Noam Chomsky, Deepak Chopra, Paul Hawkin, Amory Lovins, John Ralston Saul, Neil Postman,  Rupert Sheldrake,  Vandana Shiva, Jeremy Rifkin etc. etc.] 

From the Utne Reader: 
A magazine with stories of people who have found ways to lead integrated lives, reports of successful solutions to difficult social problems and interviews with visionaries and leading thinkers. 
A Conversation with Riane Eisler: 
Reprinted from The Monthly Aspectarian, February 1994 
Riane Eisler is the author of The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future, a groundbreaking work synthesizing  a vast area of knowledge about the whole of humanity--both women and men--and providing a new perspective on our past, present and the possibilities for our future. This evolutionary system thinker coined the term "dominator hierarchy " to represent the last 3,000 years of society which evolved from the earlier Mother Earth Goddess cultures and envisions the possibility of moving beyond to a new "Age of Partnership". 

Fritjof  Capra 
Fritjof Capra, author of the Tao of Physics,  The Turning Point and most recently The Web of Life  based on ten years of research and discussion with the leading scientists around the world is also Director of the Centre for Ecoliteracy in Berkely California which is working towards organizational change based on ecological principles. 

Excerpts of his writing and speeches and a review of his latest book can be found at the following sites. 
Chapter 8 of the Turning Point - Fritjof Capra Part 4 of 4 

Chapter 8 of The Turning Point - Fritjof Capra (1982) 
Introduction & Foreward - Source Material Due to its length, it has been split - in this web publication - into four sequentially parts as follows: 
Part 1 - Machines, Organisms and the Self-Organization of Systems 
Part 2 - Independent Physical Entities in Physics and Microbiology and Symbiosis 
Part 3 - Evolution, Nature and the Emergence of Ecological & Environmental   Knowledge 
Part 4 - Human Nature, Consciousness - Physicists and Mystics 
A  talk  given by Fritjof Capra at an Ecoliteracy retreat for Mill Valley School District, collaborating with Capra's Ecoliteracy Institute in applying Ecoliteracy as a context for school  innovation and reform. 

A quiet revolution in the way that we view relationships in the natural world - from microorganisms to whales to human society - underlies all modern conversations about ecology and the environment by Fritjof Capra, reprinted with permission from Elmwood Quarterly. 

Joanna Macy 
Guardians Of The Future - The Nuclear Guardianship Project is a grassroot program for handling nuclear waste - and deepening our relationship to time. 

Joanna Macy - World As Lover; World As Self 
Seeing the world as oneself - or as a lover transforms ordinary reality and provides a greater sense of purpose. Originally published in  IN CONTEXT #34. 

Joanna Macy - 
Our Life As Gaia - Our Life As Gaia. from Thinking Like a Mountain: Towards a Council of  All Beings. by Joanna Macy. 

Christopher Titmuss 
Community--Spirit of Change - Spirit of Change Voices of Hope for a Better World by Christopher Titmuss. A remarkable series of interviews with thinkers and social activists such  as...Joanna Macy. 

Ken Wilber 
Eye of Spirit 
A review of Wilber's most recent book Eye of Spirit. 
Three papers by Wilber can also be found on the Wholeness Seminar Website: 

Willis Harman- Talks /Publications 
Getting serious about Sustainability: by Willis W. Harman 

Keynote Address to the Club of Budapest :by Willis Harman (ISSI Wholeness Seminar Website). 

New World Views : At the Leading Edge 
Towards A  New World View: At The Leading Edge is a book of interviews by DiCarlo with many of the leading cutting edge systemic thinkers on the planet- including Willis Harman, Marilyn Ferguson, Richard Tarnas, Peter Senge, Peter Russel, Hazel  Henderson among many other notables. DiCarlo's own views as an organizational change consultant are found in the Organizational Change section of this website. 

James Lovelock 
What Is Gaia? by James Lovelock 
A short description of Gaia hypothesis by the originator of the concept on another visually stunning website. "The evidence gathered in support of Gaia is now  considerable but as is often the way of science, this is less important than is its use as a kind of looking glass for seeing the world differently, and which makes us  ask new questions about the nature of Earth." --from the Gaia website-- 
Erwin Laszlo 
1996 ISSS Presidential Address Ervin Laszlo:  Groundwork for a Biospheric Systems Ethics 

New Concepts of Matter, Life & Mind 

Heiner Benking- Club of Budapest: 
World Futures Studies Federation,  WFSF, Nairobi 1995  Eco-Philosophy and Environmental Ethics, Section III  The Optics of Ethics : Scales, Patterns, Scales, Horizons, Proportions, and  Consequences in Shared Perspectives 
Heiner Benking Profile 

Club of Budapest 

Richard Tarnas  
Epilogue (30 pp) from The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas that Have Shaped Our World View. by Richard  Tarnas.  also at 

Esalen: In the Air - "Esalen" by Rick Tarnas -Esalen.  Esalen is a 
state of  consciousness as much as it is a physical place. 
Ralph Abraham 
Biography of Ralph Abraham 
People Featured Site 
Review of Recent Book:  Chaos, Gaia and Eros 
Articles by Ralph Abraham: 
VMI: Articles on Webometry 
1) Complexity of the WWW 
2) Synergy of the WWW 
3)  Chronotopography of the WWW 
4) Chaos theory and space-time patterns 
Ralph Abraham, Prague Castle, 20 November 1996 Chaos Theory and Space-Time Patterns A 30 minute lecture and showing of computer graphics on 20 November 1996, at a conference of the Council of Europe discusses his Operation Webwatch Project which is tracking the emergence of  this  neural net which he sees as the neurogenesis guiding the embryogeneisis of our cultural ecology at this time in history. 

Heinz von Foerster: A Tribute 
Summary: ) I will say he prepared the way, in theoretical concept and intellectual salon, for Pask and Maturana, to say the very least 

The Conversation of Theories & A Theory of Conversations: von Foerster, Maturana, Pask 

Marilyn  Ferguson 
Interview with Marilyn  Ferguson, author of Aquarian Conspiracy and Editor of Mind /Brain Bulletin. 
Marion Woodman 
Marion Woodman - Interview with M.E.N. Magazine 
An Interview with Marion Woodman Copyright c) 1995 by Bert H. Hoff . This article appeared in the November 1995 issue of M.E.N. Magazine. 

Marion Woodman:  Jungian high priestess pumps femininity's political potential by Alice Klien. 

From Generation to Generation : A conversation with William McDonough  by Diane Wintroub Calmenson'97/Cover.html   

William McDonough is the originator of the Hanover Principles:   
Design, Ecology, Ethics and the Making of Things: The Harbinger, August , 
1996. Essay by William McDonough: 

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